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326 SIXTY-SECOND CONGRESS. Sm. II. Cas. 331-333. 1912. feet in width for the extension due north of Second Avenue of said Lonwii over, through, and across sand described and granted tract of Tract numberal two: Another portion of said United States tary reservation more particularly as follows: Commencmg at a point on the east boundary line of said United States military reservation, and on the west l)0\1D.d%ul1D.0 of block numbered four, of said town of Yuma according to te’s survegrthereof which is two hundred and eight and seveng-one one-hun_ edths f’eet south from the left and south bank of e Colorado River, and running thence west one hundred and fifty feet; thence north to the left an south bank of the Colorado River; thence along the left south bank of the said river to a dpoint due north of the place of  ; and thence south to said commencement pomt, and containmg a ximately, one acre; together with a perpetual easement and rg) of way over across,_tlu·ough_, and_un er a strip of land forty feet in widt on the east side of said United States reservatio and adjoining the west side of said block numbered our for a mags! and conduit way to and from_ said last-described and mm. gran tract of land: Promded, That the said town of Yuma shall pay ““"”•°'°· all of an official survey and platting of the tracts to be so paten . ,,‘[,$‘,,,_""°“"‘°"°"" Sec. 2. That no put of said described and granted tracts of land shall be sold or conveyed by said town to any person or corporation whatsoever for private use, hut_shall be hel m peapetuity by said ’c°'°',,°",,,,,,, ,,,. town and its successors for public purposes: _, however, Cljhat mm- said town and its successors may convey any portion or portions thereof to the State of Arizona, or-any of its county municipal, educationsg, oxéh military corporatiopsé or organizations for §tual publig use,an su conve ancesma made e ro ro cerso sai town or its successlwr upon aiid by the risolugonpbf its governing bod , notwithstanding any law of said State dr *·ribing the manner in w}hich municipalities shall convey real property. Approved, August 22, 1912.

  • H"§‘§i% cmu. ssa..A¤ aa ·r¤ make me csvaugm, New York, a subpart of entry.

m‘°"“'N°"7'] Be itenaded theS¢nateandHous¢o Re esevdativeso theU*i¢ed au°:a•.°i'°i¢liiir`i°°°*`;'°. State; o¥f Amiga? in Oongresc ass¢mbled,fThaitr Fort Covington, the mz`}: $¤°iZp`$¥•°¢i State o New York, be, and is hereby constituted a sub rt of entry {fg m'M_p_ M m the customs collection district of Champlain, State o¥0N ew York, xmsaum anu- and that the prxvil es of the_’1i1st section of the act approved June "°{§_“‘£·,_ m_ tenth eighteen hunilred and eighty, relating to the transportation of dutiable merchandise without appraisement, be, and the same are hereby, extended to said subport. Approved, August 22, 1912. 4 M cnn. ssa.-as Ace To enemies • · · ._...[P;¥¥l;`é:r,1§"‘;L] smut, in me num of cumba, m4ihZ;8;e.L:»u;i°¤p»¤1°°°?° M F°m°°°m Sum Be it¢nadedbyt7•eSenataandHozes¢o Represmhztiveso the United DI¤·lctolOolumhIa. , , mrrghmm sum Stake qf_Am¢nm an aaeembledf That the Commissioners of N, wh", the District of Columbia be, and they are hereby, authorized to prepare gteamp Mg: a new lnghwgy plan for Fourteenth Street northeast, between Otis and Varnum treats, and for such change in other streets so far as it may be necessary to connect sa1d_streets with the new location of Fourteenth Street, so as to avoid improvements in close proxxmnntynto said Fourteenth Street as now ro extended, andso tthonewlocationofsaidstreetw£lbeinastraav5h' tlino between the mtersectwns of Otis and Fourteenth Streets and aruum