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398 SIXTY·SEGOND CONGRESS. Sm. II. Ch. 350. 1912. V . nurteem leigh; f6mt$600$§:·f; l·flY:1'8l'l ln $4bO eaclujotsg f° 8 mia 60 $1,311 010. messenger boys, t $3 _ . _ { """"*""‘ ”`°' ""‘°"“1’.¤§’1€ "L"°““&"’1 &.‘;.‘L°°‘i.,...i°° %,"‘£°i.?1»'1$..2‘£Z $1. transporting p ca ons pa . rgigu e1-nm ts, $2,500. fo For pgugzhase $1 law and other reference books, $500. _ com- or werrv For producing copies of the_weekly issue of patents, des1gns,_¤¤d ""'°' °‘ "‘“”°’ °‘°° trade-marks; for the reproduction of GOPIG of drawings and specifica- ,..,..,.,..,,., “°§‘ °‘ °""“’“"‘ ’21?"‘“ “"e?.°"5?’r£§’,;°i’f:uZ‘3.°s°3$‘.e. ..f nvm. 1 ‘ ’ e ues n _ ummm °°°° ti,m:rfg.v$g;,?§ or mtlmi Prior to Bling applications (or patents, and such other questions arming in connecuon applmauons for be deemed b the Commnssioner of Patents ; patents u may neceaary y_ _ _ _ . for t1;:`t;n¢Hng defense of suits instituted against theC0m- ¤···=··¤··-·· ¤¤· rermgnéerdeunmsruenmiiwxgmeeswmumgm ¥°"* ”""°~ mmmuemi Bureau at Bmégswpeyimd, {sc. ao $5,000 Bureau of unl. ; V ngf 0 n ° een. ug, g;’ ·i¤ higher education, _$3,000; for the ""°'“"§;_‘ '°"‘ mvestngauon of education, mdustrial education, school ¥¥§%°3°’ i"°’“€”L‘.‘%Q.°2l¥'i°‘2 ..¥‘&.°°°‘ °°€”.Q°.f ‘”’£’{?1’&.e"i.3"$'?'i‘,•¤‘3¤ · ; ¤ . . translator}; $1,800; collzgtor and compiler o sts.t1et1cs,’ $2 speeialistseone inforeigneducationalsystems,andoneme1lnne•- tmnals tems, at$1,800each;clerks——two0tclasfour,tl1re•of.clap tluee,f¥1rofcl•stwo,eigl1to{clmsone,eevmat$1,000 Giihilll izoipoyasts; two wpm, at $800 each; c0pyhtt:,nt$720; two slzrged , t · messenger; one asn memenger ee l:bo;$, 1;; $480 each; laborer, $400; in all, $81,800. _ , wm- For books for library, current educational periodicals, other current ublicetions, and wmplemagluable sets of penofficek, includllnipaymont in for su ptt;onsdto_publicat1;>n1!sf $500. ¤v•¤•¤=·¤¤¤·· Forco ectingetetistics or repo an uso crmation, $4 000. °"""""“‘* '·'°°“' F tl; urchas dlstrib tio and of educational docum"° m` menz, aielcll for thecollectign, zrehange, an izataloguing of educa- 2::; ·¤···~*:·*··· and .:PP%··;mw..:.¥*°°a'*·.·:·.;¥..°·*·;°·*&;·¤1‘ :;·:‘;s·‘.r··°·..., , ti 0 sc oo urm an m o sc oo illustratliecoliforeign and domestieggtems and methods of educanmi md t I tiog, and for repaiging the same, $2, . C B · §_°° ° 1 rm: Urm¤1rrnmnxr0r_rn errror. uunmeaxn Om Q G1z0!;n`l·1(;s:(guperintendent of the Caprtol Building and Gronmds, $8,000; chief clerk, $2,000· chief electrical engineer, $3000; civil engineer, h$2,400é two dlilfhlllflbbzb $1,200 easih; clerl§§Sl$1,600; stenogra eran typewriter I, ;com aonto urs clerk, ${000; messenger; poison in ch gills the hee of tiling Su reme Court and central portion of therza, itol $l,000?l5>orer in P fhlgge offwetg-closets portiém of Ee depitok iieven a ren or eaning e, rn o , , portion of Ca§t0l, at $660 each gmtwo llnsboreismilr cllxliirgg of pillllhcg closets of the ouse of Representatives and m the terrace, at $720 gala; msgid accountant, $1,800; and one stenogrepher, at

in , .

°·¤¤¤•·¤¢¤v·¤~·~ Cpnrmomcr éxrmrsns Dxrn·nmm· or nm Iurxmon: The following sums, which shall so apportioned as to prevent deficiencies therem, namely: For contingent expemes of the omce of the Secrei tary of the Interior and bureaus, offices, and buildings of the Interior Department, mcluding $7,500 for the Civil Service Commisuon: For furmture, carpets, ice, lumber, hardware, dry goods, adver-