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SIXTY~SEOOND CONGRESS. Snse. H. Cir. 350. 1912. 399 tising, tel phing, street car tickets not exceeding $250, express e, wagons an§ hamess, motor trucks, motorcycles, and bicycles, mhngntenance and exchange of same food, forage, and shoeing of horses, di§rams, awnings, filing and l8b01*-l&VIDg devices, constructing m el and other cases and furmture, and other necessary expenses not hereinbefore provided for, including traveling es, fuel and

 and adding machmes and  e of same,

For stationery, including tags, labels, index cards, cloth-lined sm’°°°”` wrappers, an¢l•;peci.rnen bags, printed in the coinse of manufacture, and such prin envelopes as are not supplied under contracts made by the Postmaster- General, for the Department of the Interior and its several bureaus and_oi·lices, including not to exceed $5,000 for the own smite Commission, seatoo- me m sadism ummm, sums dtxrwzz amounting to $44,400 be deducted from other appropriations °°¤·•*°· réroade for ghe fiscal yepr nmeteen hundre<;1aén:)10:.)hirtee1:;ctas follogp: nt n 0 pension agencies, , ; rot u 'c landsuhifd timgri, $2,000- contingent expenses of o£ces oflgigrge ors general, $2,600; Capitol and repairs, $300; Geological Smvey, $2,100; Bureau of Mmm, $1,200; Indian warehouses, $500; Five Civilized Tribes of Indians, $1,000; Indian schools, $17,000; and said sums so deducted shall be credited to and constitute, together with the iirstlnamed sum of $69,500, the total appropriation for stationery for the Department of the Interior and its several bureaus and cilices for the fiscal year nineteen hundred and thirteen. ,,,0,,, ,,,,_ For professional and scientific books, law books, aud books to complete broken sets, periodicals, directories, and other books of reference relating to the business of the department, $1,000, of which sum $250 may be used for the Civil Service ,,,,,,_ For rent of buildings for the De artment of the Interior, namely: For Geological Survey, $29,200; agditional rooms for the engraving and rinting divisions of the Geological Survey, $1 200; rent of additiomil rooms for the Geological Survey, $2,500; Service Commission, $16,875; in all, $49,775. _ _ _ _ _ For rent of basement of the addition to the mam burlding of the Geological Surve , r uired for additional storage of documents, ma s, and so forth, anog for workroom, $1,500. _ Epor rent of additional office accommodations for the Geological Survey in the main building of the survey, Washington, District of Columbia (formerly occupie bg the Reclamation Service), $3,000. For rent of buil ing for the ureau of Mmes $10,000. _ _ I mmm For postage stamps for the Department of the Interior and its bureaus, as required under the Postal Ilnion, to prepay postage on matter addressed to Postal Union countries, $3,500. smzvnrons onmzmir. arm 11mm CLEBKS. s"""°”‘°“°"" For surveyor general and ex eilieie secretary of the district of """‘ Alaska, $4,000; c erks in his omce, $7,000; in all, $11,000. _ For rent of offices for surveyor general, pay of messenggig stationery, printing, binding, drafting instruments, typewriters, _ of l’3f€l'· ence for ogice useil furngure, fr;el, lights, anrgzogggr mcidental exses,mcud1ngt eexcaneot ewriters, , · _ _ A,.;,,,,,,_ polilor surveyor general of A§zona,y£3,000; and for the clerks m his office, $13,000- in all, $16,000. _ _ _ For rent of, office for the surve or general, stationery, binding records, books of reference for oigce use, typewriter and_repau·s, repairs of furniture, freight and drayage, tiling cases, draft Supplies and tables, and other incidental expenses, mcluding the exxmgn of typewriters, $1,800.