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20 SIXTY·SECOND CONGRESS. Srss. I. Cue. 17-20. 1911. mam. road bridge and ap roaches thereto across the Calumet River, at a point suitable to thegnterests of navigation, in the northeast uarter of _' section tlu·ee, north, ht west of the second vn. st, ,, gg, principal meridian, in Lake County, in the of Indiana, in accordance with the provisions of an Act entitled "An Actto regulate the construction; 0 bridges over navigable waters," a roved March twenty third, nineteen hundred and six. pp Amana:. Sec. 2. That the right to alter, amend, or repeal this Act is hereby ' °¥P¥°¤¤].Y i'¤¤°¤'V°d·. Approved, August 16, 19%. CHAP. — Act (bmp construe; _ _ ‘1H'i‘;·:”j_’; :°.g._,,.§_ .$2ci_.._.:_.g;A,...“"*°’“B...‘¥?..m . ,;*.?“...52‘;'§“¤s‘$.'..£*‘.}."l5?.'.;;.‘,i2 mm, . Bei’t¢n¢¢d6'yt@o8enatoaadHbaaeqfBeK:senlativeaqf’the United

_8’tatu of Americam   T theCampbel1 Lumber

olspmyuymsis. Company,) corporation organised under the laws of the State of g,*f,",,,°,;§‘,,,}?{‘,'},"(§,,‘; Missouri, its successors and assigns, be, and it is hereby authorized ¤¤¤¤¤.Ark· to construct, gnanntamzand operate a bridge, and approaches thereto across the Sami: River at a point suitable_to the interests ot i‘s‘“€T.m..°°”’*’°”' "" t Tan “"""· " °°“°°’i¤M““°- “"’ “°“’ ""g° _ne _ _ nme, intowns_peighteen,toapomt Yol,M,p.|4, ur section sax, to nmeteen, range nme, m Clay County,

 in ac?lrdanee with_ the cprpvisnons of an Act enrgtled “Ap,

e n r1dges` o lIlY1glb• wdae .,.§$".‘.§». mom; ..i...t ¤.¤.§¤?'..g cs. _ ”‘ §¤¤¤¤¤¤¤· mum; 2. Thl$u1BfIghth0llhf,\IB€l(1,0f!0‘§1thBABtB expremly Approved, August 16, 1911. itggigéétig Act §·o,°a:the¤·ize the Iaud and liumber Company to _ mh, 0. l I I .Be£¢enactedbyths8•aateav»d.Ho¤u Rgrreaentatives the United ’r°Z$¤• Staqcofcxgmcrica in Land and Lum r m n acc raonorgamzedan o usmessun

gin the laws of tg; State   and_its assignslflge, and they ag

hereby authonzed to construct, mamtam, and operate a bridge and approaches thereto,_ across Bayou Bartholomew at a point suitable to e interests of navigation, at or neara point in the southwest quarter of the southwest quurterof section tlnrty-six, township thirteen south, v_,,_,,_P_“_ range four wes., in the county of Drew, ID the State of Arkanms, in accordance witn the rovrsmns of the Act entitled "An Act to re ate ` the construction of bridges over navigable waters ” roved §:|rch twenty-third, nineteen hunfred and six. ’ app ""°"°"‘°"" SEG- 9- That the right in Alter, amend, or reneal this Act is hereby expremly reserved. ’ ’ Approved, August 16, 1911. A 16,lI1.1. (IEA!. 90.-An Act A ' the construction of a b d

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,___mE§5E_ mw ¤·¤¤¤¤. we';¤$_ qrkof the ¤gS•ndy Rnver•tornea:h=§:•s•a¤d’¤u¤¤, m Tug York of Big · S,,,d,;¤,,,_ Bectmactedtytlle Sena¢em•dH0uuqf of thq 05;;,1 ...%§;?¥..‘:&'€»’;.¥$§}C SMM ¢v'4M··<=¤ vg Qwmawemmd, an the Bnmkbmy, xmghunlmucoketucky and West Vu·gm1aC0ala.ndCoke Com ‘ ·*·*w·’·*· "·‘* ¤ ’ ed under me la is th s ·*’°*"Y’ ’* °°"’°“‘“‘°" "“‘· "‘ rgumz "° ° "“*°°fW°¤*V1Fgm1&,1tssuccessors