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SIXTY-SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. II. Cus. 350, 351. 1912. 4].5 Government establishments at Vyashington, District of Columbia, wholly m connection with the duties herein transferred to the Public Printer, or whose services can bedispensed with ordevolved upon another because of such transfer, shall cease and determine on or before the Erst day of October, nineteen hundred and twelve, and their B""Y ‘a ‘°""’* salaries or compensation shall lapse for the remainder of the fiscal year nineteen hundred and thirteen and be covered into the Treasury. A detailed statement of all machines eqiiipment, and material trans- ,,§°,:_°°"‘°"° °° °°“' ferred to the Government Printing Office operation of this provision

 of all employments discontinued shag be submitted to Congress

at its next session by the head of each executive department and other Government estabhshments- at Washington, District of Columbia, in the annual estimates of appreoipriations: Promlled, That nothing in men, mm this section shall be constm as applying to orders instructions =°°··°¤<==P*·=¤· directions, notices, or circulars of infomation, (porinted ior and issued by any of the executive departments or other vernment establishments or to the distribution of public documents by-Senators or ,ffgg{j¤g§y¤¤¤¤g•; Members of the House of Representatives or to the folding rooms changes. and documents rooms of the Senate or House of Representatives. Sec. 9. That ulltll. otherwise provided by law, the regular annual ,,,,·“},{‘,'§1_,‘{',“,'}";,,‘“,‘,,2 estimates of appgplpnations for exgenses of the Govemment of the <¤¤¤‘•>¤¤1¤·*· United States be prepared an submitted to Congress, by those changed with the duty of such preparation and submission, only in the orm and at the time now required by law, and in no other form and at no other time. " Sec. 10. That all laws or parts of laws inconsistent with this Act ,,},$§,{f'“°°"“""' are repealed. Approved, August 23, 1912. CHAP. 851.-An Act To create a Commission on Industrial Relations. {E'}: Be it enacted the Senate and House 0 Re sentatives of the United [§;"“°· N°· ’°°·l States ‘?’Ameri;/in Congress asaem7¤led,`ll‘ha¥’: commission is hereby ¤u(lm.!i'§'1°'i.]°` create to be called the Commission on Industrial Relations. Said °°“‘”°‘*“°"· commission shall be composed of nine persons, to be appointed by the President of the United States, by and with the advice and consent of the Senate, not less than three of whom shall be employers of labor and not less than three of whom shall be representatives of organized labor. The Department of Commerce and Labor is authorized to cooperate with said commission in any manner and to whatever extent the Secretary of Commerce and Labor may approve. co tm M Sec. 2. Thtpt gre members of this commgssion gglall e paid actual mp"' ’ travelmg` an 0 er necess ex nses an in a `tion a compensation of ten dollars ger diegywhilf actually engaged on the work of the commission an while going to or returning from such work. ummm, · The commission is authorized as a whole, or by subcommittees of ’ the commission, duly apipointed, to hold sittings and public hearings anywhere in the Unite States, to send for persons and fpapers, to administer oaths, to summon and compel the attendance p witnesses and to compel testimony, and to empl% such secretaries, experts, stenographers and other assistants as sh be necusarg to carry out the purposes for which such commission is created, an to rent such offices, to cglmchase such books, stationery, and other supphes, and to have su printing and binding done, as may be necessary to carry out the pnuposes for which such commission is created,_and to authorize its members or its em loyees to travel in or outside the United States on the business of tlile commission. _ d www Sec. 3. That said commission may rpgort the Congress its ind- ,,, , cm. ings and recommendations and submit e testimony taken from time sn--