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416 SIXTY—SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. H. Cm. 351, 352. N12- to time, and shallmakeafinalreport accompamedby the testimony not previously submitted not gee yearsf dqtqg sulioallliigpire, niiilstlshifjhilalllt 'ously liave made iinal report, and in thelsttercase thetermof onshaHexpuemthlt‘l1:;tmaking of its Enal report; commission shall make at t on; report to the Oongrep wrthm the first yenr of its appompmen an a second rigport withm the necoud iear of 1ts_appct1]n°t1nen . ndi- ¤¤·g!jyg·$‘*;}.{¤"§{ Sec. 4. at the OQMIPINIPD _ ¤¤<*'m'° ****9 °° . p°°i¤°i¤¤¤=¤-ru. •¤=· tion of labor in the principal mdustrmso the United States mcludmg agriculture, and especially those which are carried on m conporate for-ms· into relauons emplpyers and employeals, into the effect of m ustml conditions on upu c welfare and mto die rights and powers of the community to d therewith; mto conf tions of sanitation and safety of emfployees and provmons or

    • ”°‘°"‘°°'·°‘°· protsctingthelife, limb, andhealtho theemployeesnnto tl1¤°§|'0W$l1

cfassociationsofemplmrsandofwageeamersandthe ectof such associatnom upon relations between employers and ees; into the extent and results of of collective bargaining, into any methods which have been m any State_or m foreign countries for maintaining mutually satisfactory relations between w¤¤<¤¤1>¤t•¤· gngloyees aing employers; mto methtpda fo1{E3*$yding 0{ r BD 0011G _ _ negotiations; into the scope, methods, and resorumen of exmtmg bureaus of labor and mto possible wa of increasing their nsefulness;

  • ·“"·"· *¤*2;*··.2d“°s“°¤ °* *2.%:* Mg-“‘·=·:;iv·“2.·l:‘ ·¥.:#.:::.‘¤.*;

the ni tatesori ons, ___o e _ _ whichsuchAsiaticshave aregannmgquch admission, and shall report to Cougrem as speedily as possible with such recommendatuon as sand commimon may prop? to prevent such .,,°‘..,.""°’,l.l.°¤{ll,'l.‘?“’°’*‘1 smuggling and illegal entry._ The commission _ see _ to dnscoyer thi underlying of grmatnsfactnon m the industrial situation an re its co usnons ereon. _ "'"°'"'°°”‘ Sw? That the sum of one hundred thousand dollarn 18 hereby appropriated out of any money m the Treasury of the United States not otherwise appro nsted for the use of the commission for the ,,,,,,,,_ fiscal ear ending Jpune thirtieth, nineteen hundred and thirteen: hy¤¤¤¤ Provieid, That_no portion of money shall paid except npon the order of sand commission, signed by the chairman thereof: ronwu vided, That the commission may expend not to exceed five thousand cemagenesthn r•· dollars per annum for the euggloyment of experts at such rate of ""‘°' compensation as may be fix by the_commissnon but no other person employed hereunder by the commission, except stenographcrs tem rarily employed for the purpose of talung testnmong, shall be paidpgompensatnon at a rate in excess of three thousand ollars per annum. . Approved, August 23, 1912. AHPQ _352.jAn Act To amend eec_tio¤ eight of the food and drugs Act approved.

 June thrrtreth, nineteen hundred and su.

,,,,,,,c,__ Be·itc1nactedbyt}•eSmateand Hmueo R cemlativee the Uréted glfdu. ¤>· 770. Sjtates nf America in Cmagreae aase·mble`¢l; mt that par? of section `° “E eight_o the food and drag Act of June thirtieth, nineteen hundred and six, deiimng what sh be misbranding in the case of drugs, be,

 the same is hereby, amended by adding thereto a third para

gra&l;_to read as follows: N"' ’““'“"°‘ ‘ its pac e or label shall bear or contain any statement des@, or device the curative or therapeutic effect of such article