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SIXTY—SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 355. 1912. 427 not exceeding $40,000 for marine hospitals and quarantine stations, and not $9,000 for the Treasury, Butler, and Winder Buildings, at Washington, District of Columbia, and including not exceed- r.;.'f°;§‘§'}.'°»}‘§,°E°@5{,’T u1gw$10,000 for mamtenance, changes in and repairs 0 pneumatictu system between the appraiser’s warehouse at Greenwich, Christoplrer, Washington, and Barrow Streets and the new customliouse in Bowling Green, Borough of Manhattanyin the city of New York, including repairs to the street pavement and subsurface necessarily incident to or resulting from such maintenance, changes, or repairs, 440,000. Vaults, safes, and locks for public buildings: For vaults, safes, and r0Zr1m°' N"' "°° locks for same, and repairs thereto, for all public buildings imder the control of the Treasury Department, including the lock-box equipment and repairs to same in completed an occupied buildings, gzgglrégre of personal services, except for work done by contract, · Ezlectrical protection to vaults, public buildings: For installation .;E$’.°`l°'l °°"1" and maintenance of electrical burglar-alarm devices authorized by "°'-”·¤*’°'“· the sundry civil appropriation Act approved March third, nineteen hundred and three, inc udingéohe post office and courthouse at Chi- °m°°'°:; cage, Illir§>is,0?)d the post 0 ce and subtreasury at Boston, Massa- B°'°°°’ c usetts, 17, . · ‘ General expenses of public buildings: To enable the Secretary of $?,'i,°{{1§?'°‘ the Treasury to execute and Eive eEect to the provisions of section six of the Act of May thirtiet , nineteen hundred and eight (Thirty- fifth Statutes, page five hundred and thirty-seven, part one): For additional salary of $1,000 for the Supervising Architect of the Treas- mlm u for the fiscal year nineteen hundred and thirteen, for the specific °•*;;mm, umm hl saiziries for the rlpersonal services in the office of the Supervising maxmrcmm Architect of the reasury, set forth under said office in the legislative, ‘“"• "m' executive, and judicial appropriation Act for the fiscal year nineteen hundred and thuteen (not exceeding $144,770), and for compensation of rincipal draftsman, foremen draftsmen, architectural draftsmen, and) apprentice draftsmen, at rates of pay from $480 to $2,500 per annum; for compensation of structural engineers and draftsmen, at rates of pay from $840 to $2,200 per annum; forcompensatron of mechanical, sanitary, electrical, heating and ventrlating, and illuminating engineers, and draftsmen, at rates of pay from $1,200 to $2,400 r annum; for compensation of computers and estimators, at mm rates ofiiiay from $1,600 to $2,500 per annum: Provided, That the umn. expenditures for compensation under all the foregoing classes for the fiscal year ending June thirtieth, nineteen hundre an thirteen, shall su ummm ol not exceed $317,920; for compensation of supervising superintendents, msrgimacn. superintendents, and junior superintendents of construction, at rates of pay from $1,600 to $2,900 r annum but in no case exceeding $_8 mm ·per day, Sundays included: Igerovided, Tihat the expenditures on this account for the iiscal year ending June thirtieth, mneteen hundred ExW¤_°,m,m_ and thirteen, shall not exceed $245,000; for expenses of supermtend- ¤.¤¤e. ence, including expenses of all inspectors and other officers and employees, on duty or detailed in connection with work on public buildings and the furnishing and equipment thereof, under orders from the Treasury Department; office rent, and expenses of superintendents, including temporary stenogra hic and other assistance incident `t0 the preparation of reports and the care of public property, and S0 $,,,,1,% forth; for cost of advertising; for office supplies, including drafting ·4··¤»v-$*9- materials, specially prepare paper, t writing machmes and exchange of same, furniture, carpets, anrirgflice equipment, stationery, tclep one service, and such other articles and sup-Hires as the Secretary of the Treasury mgy deem necessary and speci y order or approve for the use of the o 'ce of the Supervising Architect, exclusive of heat,