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430 SIXTY-SECOND CONGRESS. H. Ch. 355. 1912. w{_=g_;•·i¤¢ 4* mrsnvme uu mmrrmo. °""“‘ F lbo dexpensuf d 'ting:Forsalariesof all rfdloegsagyadlmployeg, and_ plate printers’ assistants, $1,268 051, to be expended under the direction of the L°,.,":'{;,,,, Secretary of tgz! P £:t$notp.ortion of thm sum shall prmting m no or Treasury no es of large o3\ than those thaltomay be canceled ortretireld,

 t' arassu ° ‘ n inexecumgte

"°‘“ ’ “ erqiestt #l`·i‘2'§..‘§".¥.etx°°°““"tilt sd d,l.i_.,f ,,..1,..,, to maintain the parity of all of money issued or comed by the _ United States, to refnmd the bhc debt, and for other purposes;" a roved March fourteenth, nihleteen hundred. ""'°'· pgor wages of plate printers, at piece rates to be Exed by_the Secretary of the 'lfreesury, not to exceed the rates usually paid for such 1*}% ’5§°§“‘ZL“it";‘°.é§?a°·.¤Ss‘ "“£i’." .i.m.’*‘“".,““‘°2 FIZ°“e.m°““"'°"°"2 , _ e n o t ·

   ° ,Thatnoportionofthiseumshallb.•:·ye:(i-
 for prmting United States notes or '1‘reasm·y notes of  

fommatnglns tlhoat may be canceled or ratzred, ercept nn so sraesu prin may mex t turements verses.; of theActtodeEnemdHx o?c·<l1allnIi§ toldsmtain the pong of all formspf money issued or comed by the United States, _ zlhthe public debt, and for other purposes, approved March ?i::l?n°"" For engraved and matcials and other materials except distinctive paper, and ormiscellaneous orpeing ° nuchase maintenance anddri' of d i , mousse?] an o horse and vehicle forvbliigcisl use of e director when in’writing ordered by the Socretaxof the Treasug, $464,227, to be expended md mu under the direction of Secretary of e Treasury. _ cried., SIE'?. Hereafter the proviso of the Act of July first, eighteen hundred •¤<!*-*¤¤ Q'¤°*¤· °'·°·• and ninety-eight (Thirtieth Statutu at large page six htmdred and

$¤t¤¤Z$°1°rZi=l M in four), directing that all bonds, notes, and checks shall be printed
 ’°‘ "‘ “ 3?i‘¤“”€t§€?§14“s£’m“h.1‘Z1 ::2 me W :;*·2··‘::»*2*:1.‘··¤&*s,:.;·¢t,*:;··,,.,*:

n , an m o m permoneyandth backs dft fbod d or_ ow c prm_ mm xops an onsu t gr zwi ·Fz2¤itm§°?ii pqnting presses as may be directed by the Secretary of the Tresi)ui·yB ¤·¤¤*·•¤°°¤°· said presses to be operated by plate punters, except that checks and s’L°°iii'Z°i¤ett.,.¤4 tints may be printed by any desired process: That the {;y;_e¤{“{;;·*¤·*· backs of all United States paper money shall be printed Ifrom four- ` subject glues, and the faces of all internal·revenue stamps now printed sharp mtzglio ptlgtgs; on_h:;id}1r;ller or gwerlplate printindg presses c0nmue_ _ prm mint 'op tesonh - human on mb roller or power plate pnnting presses, as the Secretary ol the Treagzliry etiumouof power sti- may determine, sand presse to be operated by plate printers: Provailed ¤•¤•*·*°”¢* ¤>*•••· further, That should the Secretary of the Treastuiy decide to print on E;$£.§%‘}2*pe%’°"€t£5“‘£ *lZ‘Q‘”$".Li§Il'?“ "f." °,.,s.,,,°"° °‘““°“ °‘ "°"‘ n 1 one-fifth of the total numbgr of handiurdlleg pre§e;0 h:g. roduce the estimated quantity of such work in an iiscal ear shell umm ¤» nano- be displaced in suchiiscalyear:Pmmh1edfurt}•er Th t the)Secr “’"°""“"‘ of the Treasuryemay, in his discretion apply niotor; to hand Gtllry presses that are now, or may hereafter be, operated in the Bllroesnl of Engraving and Print: but such if ‘ Shaubcmguded himélgnl presses, equipped with motors, mem hawk During the EM; -ro erpresses withm the meaning of this Act. gmt:] meme in d _ Bd fm kyear nineteen hundred and thirteen all proceeds — env m wor performed by the Bureau of Engraving and