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436 SIXTY·SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 355. 1912. Nunn €i.3°°t.R’· ·*··‘.t,‘2.r*·*··:*...,.· °s=:·;;.£:.".?::;";:$sz:: s ns · Elhihis, including the leprosylhgspital; and the quarantine system of Porto Rico, and including, no exceedmg, $500 (or printing on aeeopnt of the quaraorgiitz ag the exigencies of that umm ac n . dm*’”'m°”‘*"“ °‘ °’*‘ wrlligiielxlltllildgeof epidemics: T0 enable; the President the United Autqp.3'I9. Smiles, fin casedpnlyf of threatened <l;rba:tual OPKIGUIIQ of <=li0l61'¤» t ow eversmall x, u me lague,Chmesep_agu9 oilpbllalizkodgldlth, to aid Static anldo local btcaagclg, :·1;iotg1a1;wise, m lng discretio ' l.'$S1Dg' s r 0 e same an in such 'J;..‘¥.}§’5.?Z$°.Z“5r.?,“sx'2?‘c%’.‘£—¤.¤ of .m_H§’mms,, laws vans

,,H°'°“*.,s ggpqd$ may be then m force, $200,000
Promdcd, at a detailed report of

'°'°'· gte expenditures hereunder shall annually hereafter be submitted to ongress. ,,,§“j"""*"‘ UNDER SMITHSONIAN BJSTITUTION. _ ,;Q"""“"‘ "" “International exchanges: For expens f the s te of international exchanges between the United ggatgas and fdiseiglinl countries, nmder the direction of the Smitlmonian Institution, including salaries - or compengggpsn oil all employees, and the purchase of , necessary an , 2,000. - °¤·*j**¤’*·=v* •““*°*· American ethn orc0ntinui11g`ethnol¢§icalreseu·ches among the Ainencan Indians and the nat1ves_of ayraii, excavation and preseryatxon of remains, under the tion of gpl Smithsoman Instntuuo§,t;ln;’clud1ng salprnes or mm ation 0 employees ‘ o neeese

nd uding payn?it in laililvcance for subsacixyptions,

$42, . -

  • ”""°*‘i"‘,§,“? 5**** International Catalogue of Scientific literature: For the coo
sm uu up tion of the United States in the work of the International Catallbcue

0 1en c teraure, rearatnonoa mex {Sc t1iiL1 t thepp '_fclassifded_`§u catalogue of American scientific publications for incoxégoratnon m the Internanon}$a(.l°(]i;italo§ue, exnse of clirk lure, e purchsse of necees an , an ecess ` tal expenstdq $7,500, the salglto be expended uiirdeil the <:li·l·.gct:li1o‘i1l:he

    • °°¤'*¥‘°*‘ °‘* Su.hi§hs°nl1m'Ildlsdl'llbservti°n• F f As h

_ trop ysnc story: r m`te tr `al llmmy Qbseryatory, under the dmectioil of ZE grhngtcllsohian Irggittlzign, includtnglsalaries of assistants, the purchase of necessary books and pgggdng , mclluding payment advangaigiiirapttgisgdptiom, appaé r ecesssryobserva ons in , I alteraitions o buil and miscellaneous expense;] :l3r(lg(lirS an il•a»ns,¢’i¤`l°°°°` National Museum: or cases, furniture, ·Hxtures,, and, appliances required for the exhibition and safe-keeping of the collections, includ- ..;···¤·-·- “"i=Z¥*““.xpt°“»i’¤2°§}“i{21“t23§°Eg‘{t$'g“@°?t¥£§i'§$°ti§5°t;,°.§’°tLi V , , r 1 y , 0- phomc service, $50,000· _ ,_k§,;•:g*¤¤ °°”°°· For cont1nuing the preservation, exhibition, andincrease of the eollecetgnsmfnlioniilflhleoilnpliviepng and exipléigng ;lxped1tions of the Gov- ¤1’¤m , sources mcu gs anesor ti of all necessary employees, and all other necessary expe¤g:sI?};§!dl)?0(l)0ll me M of vqhich sum $5,500 may be used for necessary dra and illus. qm,_ "”"‘“"*”* trations for publicatnons and $1,500 for the purchase ol a tire roof and burglanproof safe, with triple time lock, for the office ol the d1sbursmg_ agent for Government branches under the direction of the Smithsoman Instxtutxon, including the necessary expenses of ‘ ,,,,h_ ,,,_ msglallationgmsg of . _ or_purc books, pam hl ts and `odi als f f payment m advance ibn- gubscziptgcilrils, 8;,000;,1- re emma,