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438 SIXTY-SECOND CONGRESS. Sus. II. Ch. 355. 1912. mission may deem necessary and allowances in lieu of subsistence while away from official headguartexs to persons whose traveling expeinses :I85861(;g101'lZ8d by said Act to be paid at not to exceed $4 per ay, 22 , . t "” °°P"“”°°’· UNDER THE WAR DEPARTMENT. _€,'g_°"” *”" “‘ amroaxrs mn aasmzans. F·°°* Y¤'·¤¤· HL Rock Island Arsenal Rock Island, Illinois: { For maintenance and operation of power plant, 82,500; Br¤¤e¤¢=n¤¤¤¤- Fogigperating and care and preservation of Rock Island bridges and _ uct; and_ for maintenance and repair of the arsenal street

 the bridges, $18,000; ‘

, 30,500. ¤».“&‘.‘5.i¤5‘Z°»}E¤‘T‘°" §r;>;i¤g §r<>¤¤<!é°S¤¤<1y Hook. gfew dimcygilgor ?;n§tru3¢.i§g and

 an pow er re era an ea

§Lnt altllgne Sandy Hook Ground, to replace the one destroggd y February eleventh, mneteen hundred and twelve, $6,000. N}}j=•¤¤¤¥· D°*·¤· _P1cat:mny Arsenal, Dover, New Jersey: For constructing and equi ping one digmhouse for small-arms powder at the Picatinny Arsens, igufctpvlzlcgc $3 gn; destroyed by fire April sixth, nineteen hundred “"’“""°`“‘ """ f.3tt‘§2§°l“¤€”°“°ti.2’““§“é3*¤ ““““°""°°“°‘ F°‘ ‘“°"““‘g “‘° o pro on, , . "*°”‘°"°·“•* Testing machines, Waterto Arsenal: F th f ""‘“""'°‘““°‘ ami mq enum uber, purcllge et mmg, me .3 PEL; fg:. operating the fg investigativ; ang tests of ‘ in connec onw1 emau acturmgw Ordn Department, and for instruments and materialgrfog opgratingulalhg chemical lahoratory m connection therewith, and for maintenance wumueg N. Y, of $.'hetests;jbltishme1I:t‘:l$%$,000, · i Ealdzsévsie Arseglm dai, aterJ£et;1§;vg0York: For improvements m R°"°‘ Repairs dlggrsenalsz For repairs arid improvements at arsenals, and to meet such unforeseen expenditures as accidents or other contin- §:¤l;1§¤c£it¤£;pl§Ofih:sy;;ar igay render neésessary, includgng $125,000, or _ _ ay e necess , ' mg purposes m the arsenals, $290Tg0. or m my or ufwtm" Quartcrmute1'sDe— v•r¤¤•¤t qu s DEPARTMENT. Military posts. ts_ F · . _ mi. xm. ary pps · or ccntmuing the tru t f th ”°*°°l£*"°*°“‘*°*· gg<g%n6g)odauons for the seacoast artilllggjrsin shhollghlhppins T§;;;;1T;1;l0¤' t A;,idi?(i¤aEi1md’ Fqn Sm H°uSt°“» TBUS: For Purchase of the drrinlci e anes I;gW'lJQ1Dg leased from George W. Brackenridge, for _ pprpos , nsisting o hundred and ten acres, more or less ly-nig Just north of the newly purchased ground of the military reser; vatipn of Sort Sax;} Heéuston, Texas, and extending to the cormtry Fm M_cnM,€’ ree reeen com ete around the reservation $70 000 Wvv- Grantofgmdb theState fW f I ’ -·· .t$..°i°.$°§?°€>y‘2f¤}.*é‘;? {;,¤;;’*%*~i¤¤é F2; §§¤{¤k¤i1¤ie, ‘?Vy¤¤li(;¤g= ilk; ?;1¤irl»;ms1ii; mm“°iuZaed·£¤J“§v$’€’,?l’€$ti'°t3pP§°Y°‘* -°*’?"“‘”’ °"°“‘>"“”*» east quarter and northwest quaster gil Onartm-Over the norilb eighteen township fifty-six north, ran e e` ty-fouigilvest Flhsecpoli prrmtriimpalulmmdim, m the county of Sheri§i1n and State dfoWy;1i111;nt um mma, in S {d S c argement of the military reservation of Fort Mackenzie iii Um al mw, 18 hmby accepted; and the State is hereby permitted to