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444 SIXTY-SECOND CONGRESS. Srss. H. Ch. 355. 1912. F hin $1 . . _ ,.g;,,;·»··· »M· c?.2?.’1‘§’$‘}‘ii'§‘}’0...§:i.g'?.‘Z... 4.., ··su¤.n.g. ...4 gms. m and around Washington" shall be paid from the revenues of the Distrigtsctif Columbia and the other half from the Treasury of the Unite ates. “"‘“ ‘°",‘§°"°'°°°· U d xiatio herein tained tract shall be made www m for rlinamiiiop concret? :1- asplhaliopcglements in Washington Cit at a himer price than one do ar and eighty-five cents per Y . . . . . square yard for a qualrtgntqual to the best laid ui the District of Columbia prior to July ,_ and.eighty-su, and withabaseofnotlessthansixmchesmthickness. _ For improvement, care, and maintenance of grounds of executive d art ts, $1 000. » - egordgigi; ];lIél;S, fertilizers, andbaskilled labor {gr gte groun ote 1- o __asmay requ e s°i%?ii{’i£1ii;sdsii;nst£me,`i1i§‘ifu1iiL;1’9.g‘i muse labor-_ for me grounds of theéapitol, e Senate and House Office Buildiaiig, as may be requested by the superintendent of the Capitol B mg, $4,000. mI§§2°" mum ( For impr0¥emer;t and maintenance of Executive Mansion grounds within n ence $5000. °"""°"° For tht: employment of an engineer by the omcsr in charge of public buildings and grounnk, $2,400. For purcihpsethalid reps:} of and Agar shops at y restvahon o ===·»···- ··¤~¤~“°E&&2..‘»1‘Zs.§2¥¤“1.’..¢b..,.¤r.d.¤... ’ -‘

1 muh. publ§:>u§rounds, of the United States within the Cgi

I an ding orstructure out rem a rn o ggreg. c!i°¤°`?¥i;°K Exncnrrvn Mansion: For ordinup care, repair, and urnishing of Executive Mansion, and focasugasc, maintenance, and driving of horses and vehicles for 0Hi purposes, to be expended by con- _ tract or otherwise, as the President may determine, $35,000. "‘°'· For fuel for the Executive Mansion, greenhouses, and stable, $6,000. °"'“°’°""" For care and maintenance of greenhouses, Executive Mamion, $9 000. For repairs tc greenhouses Executive Mansion $3,000. · ¤..,°"‘;».¥.'...Z’§.‘L""°' °' For traveling expenses of, the President of the United States, to bi eixpgggeglooin lns discretion and acconmted for on his certificate so e y , . T§‘{_“”*‘°'P'°’*°°“° For, purchase for the Executive Mansion of an oil portrait of President Taft, including frame for the same, to be expended as the mmm: Pr§s1d•3ntl:;1_ay $4,000. ° _ °¤’_ ig mg 6 X€¢\l We Mansion, gr und , d nh including all necessary explenses of mstalliitions: 1;:naint§i1;·hce?u:n??i WMM md hah repair, $8,600, or so much thereof as may be necessary. "‘" “°“° “‘°""“ the;1iIbrli1dGgri>NuIdd1;EA1aIiwc(h1;`g1E T4 ’“‘}§ °”°‘”E”" Fill. ”g"““‘g _ , w _ n s es, offices, t g:¢upr1;>1j§;§a;i;:n.g‘;g3arde(§1s, mclu<§1i1§(a;.(;§)necessaxy ¢?;pe1i;re6:of 31;::11:- ’ an ary .• I P For h§atingu.<5fiices§3vlvF6:hmen’s lodges, and greenhouses at the mm, *`°P°-S8 *1188 ws, 2 $- nggngm i of P1 $18,%% raise inuch thereof as may be necessary, one half biz md tispmth hanpaid from the revenues of the District of Colum- Government me T ° ° of {wm the Treasury of the Umtsd States, mph. ANDE1G·g4;HAPH TO %0NN’ECT THE C.u>rr01. wrm rm; Qmnqgmqs _ , swléisxunnr mmuzo Omen: For care and repair of existing