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SIXTY·SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 355. 1912. 447 Improv1ng` Delaware River, Pennsylvania and New Jerse : For °°'•"•*° Elmcontinuing improvement of thirty-five foot channel from Allggheny seammdpul wm Avenue, hiladelfphia, Pennsylvania, to the sea, $450,000. _ Harbor of Re ge, Duck sland Harbor, Connecticut: For con- °“°¤"'·°d·°°”“· tmuing improvement, $50,000. Improving Grays Harbor, Washington: For continuing improve- °“"'H"°°’*w"‘"·" ment of Grays Harbor and Bar Entrance by extension of north jetty in completion of contract authorization, $655,000. . Improving Hillsboro Bay, Florida: For continuing improvement, m""°°'° °"·"** $200,000. sllmproving harbor at Hilo, Hawaii: For continuing improvement, "“°· H"""‘ 00,000. ’ Improving Humboldt Harbor and Bay, California: For continuing ,,,,'§‘§'§;f’¥,lf,_ H"'”°‘” im]p`:·1ovement,I;250,(l`,0k(; R K t F hawk, Bi B proving entu iver en u : or continuin im rove- x_ '· ment by the construction of Ilocks ali? Dams Numberegl Thlirteen Y and Fourteen, $168,000. Improving Mackinac Harbor, Michigan: For continuing improve- ""°“"‘°·"“"’· ment: $35;000· _ Hlsonrl River Improving Missouri River: For continuing improvement with a xm., my tb the view to securingia permanent six-foot chann between Kansas City, “‘°"“‘· Missouri, and the mouth, in completion of contract authorization, $600,000. . _ . min M H Breakwater from Mount Desert to Porcupme Island, Maine: For swabs? L continuing construction of breakwater at Bar Harbor, $75,000. we mmm d Improving harbors at New Bedford and Fairhaven, Massachusetts: realm., ur. °° For continuing improvement in completion of contract authorizati°“¤ $127z000· . . . . . woman vs. Improvm harbor at Norfolk, Virginia: For continuing improve- ‘ ' ment, including approaches thereto and channels to Newport News and up the Southern Branch of Elizabeth River, $425,000. Omcmm mn, Improving Ouachita. River, Arkansas and Louisiana: For con- amine rs. ‘ tinuin improvement by the construction of Locks and Dams Numbered gl`wo, Four, Six, and Egght, $50,000. Pom ,,1,,,,,, ,,_,_ Harbor of refuge at Point udith, Rhode Island: For continuing ` impilpvement, $160,000. _ _ sm N h G proving Sabine-Neches Canal, Texas: For continuing improve- ,,,,,_T§'f_' °° °" ment of sections "a" and "c" from Port Arthur Canal to mouth of Neches River and from mouth of Neches River to Beaumont, $35,000. M ml m Impro Saint Johns River, Florida: For continuing improve- pi., '" "' "" ment from Sacksonville to the ocean, $350 000. _ Bm Pm B. Cd Improving San Pablo Bay, California: For continuing improve- ° " ‘ ment of channel through Pmole Shoal, $122,000. _ ,,,,,,,m,,,,, ,,,m._ Improving Snoho River, Washington: For continuing im- Wuh- Pmvameutr $75v000• . . South Havemlllch. Improving4South Haven Harbor, Michigan: For continuing improvement, 0,000. _ w,,,,,,, Rm, md Improving Willapa. River and Harbor, Washington: For contmu- numawua in im rovement, 75,000. _ W B, sq Impiioving Winyah Bay, South Carolina: For continuing improve- umn y ment, in completion of contract authorization, $100,000. um Mus Wan Dnraaumm: For publication of engineer maps for use of the War Department, inclusive of war maps, $5,000. ‘ 9,,,,,,,,. ,,, ,,0,,,,,,, Sunvnr or NORTHERN aim nonrnwnsrmnx LAKES: For survey of Selmnawssesrn northern and northwestern lakes, including all necesary 6X£¢¤S¢S fo!' pfsparing, correcting, extending; printing, and issuing c and etins, and of invesf tin `la e levels, with a view to their regu- ,.,,,,,,,,_ lation, $125,000: Prooiild, 'Fhat the sung of said northern and °_¤;¢;c\;gk_;•¤¤=w northwestern lakes be extended so as to in ude the lakes and other natural navigable waters embraced in the navigation system of the "New York canals."