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SIXTY-SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. II. C11. 355, 1912. 477 ammonia, agueous ammonia solutions, carbonic acid, brines, and so forth,_and _ e determination of the thermal conductivities of materials mcluding personal services in the District of Columbia and in the tue, $15,000. To enable the Secretary of Commerce and Labor to ac uire, by ¤¤1•rs餤¤¤#¤¢¤¤¤· condemnation or otherwise, about three hundred and eight lihousand two hundred and nmetyéive seiiuare feet of additionj land for enlargement of the gwresent site 0 the Bureau of Standards, $85,000, or so much thereo as may be necessary, the land to be acquired hereunder being described as follows: First, plat at the west; starting at the northwest eomer of the °°’°"*’“°“· present site of the Bureau of Standards and running five hundred and sixteen feet south by thirty-two degrees forty-fom- minutes west along Idaho Avenue to Idaho Circle; thence one hundred and sixty-six eet on the are of a circle boimding Idaho Circle to Tilden Street; thence_eighty feet east by twenty-five dgees forty minutes south along Tilden Street; thence due east one undred and sixty feet to the southwest corner of the present site of the Bureau of Standards; thence about six hundred and twent ·five feet due north along the west boundary of the Bureau of Standards to the start' pomt, including about one hundred and two thousand one hundredd and seventy square feet. Second, plat east and north of the present site; starting at the southeast corner of the pfesent site of the Bureau of Standards,

 due east three undred and sixty-five feet; thence due

north six hundred and twenty-five feet; thence due west about nine hundred and sixty-ive feet to the northwest corner of the present site of the Bureau of Standards; thence along the boundary of the Bureau of Standards grounds in the middle of Pierce Mill Road about six hundred and twen'tiy—two feet to the northeast corner of the site; and thence due sou of the east boundary of the Bureau of Standards about four hundred and sixty feet to the starting point, containing about two hundred and seventy-eight thousan o. hundred and twenty-five square feet. 'I`he area of the two ph together is about three hundred and eighty thousand two undred and ninety-five square feet. mmnan or neon. B¤r¤·¤ of 1·•¤¤r- International Congress on Social Insurance: For rent, clerical assist- g,Q§‘jf,§’,";{,§‘g}‘j‘,n‘;‘},";_ ance, printing, postage, stationery and all other necessary expenses wg;. nm 0, mmf incidental to the organizing and the carrying on of the meetiags of mg. °° ` the International Congress on Social Insurance, to be held in ashington, District of C0 umbia, to be expended under the direction of ' the Secreta? of Commerce and Labor (Act of March third, nineteen "°L ‘”· ’· ‘°“· hundred an eleven), $10,000. uuasau or run census. C°°‘“' °“°'· For collection of statistics concerning the quantity of leaf tobacco gfegbgxmm in all forms in the United States and its possessions and making report osgxgueiiibgzt. of same as authorized by the Act entitled "An Act to collect and pub- ’°' ' lish additional statistics of tobacco," approved April thu·t1eth,_nineteen hundred and twelve, $15,000. _ For sewn? information for census reports of cotton production, g{,‘g§¤,f8'°§,§{,§,*§g and periodic reports of stocks of baled cotton m the United States crkm P 198 and of the domestic and foreign consumption of cotton, and to enable ‘ ° the Bureau of the Census to carry out the provisions of "An Act authorizing the Director of the Census to collect and pubhsh statistics of cotton, approved July twenty-second, mneteen hundred and twelve, $30,000.