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473 SIXTY·SECOND CONGRESS. Sms. II. Ch. 355. 1912. s&:i»n¤¤•¤5¢ ·>¤ DEPAB'1'lIENT OF STATE. ,,,,°,,,,*¤,,_•,,""“(,,,,,,,""°',, Imam: un. Jomr Oornnssiox Umun Srnrris aim Gamer •¤¤·- md Burnie: goin? salaries and :;>enses,’including of commis- "•'"’" “‘ sioners mms or suns tum employees tea by sts commissioners on the part of the United States the apgaoval °°‘°" °fDihstn°'·;,t°c1i8t&Y A °i2*,‘*°· "‘°""‘i“*”°£".a;.,*?' °',e.°‘“§";. °¥ bog;. ington, o um expense o prm _ , o , 'odrcals d dallneoessarytravelmgmdotherexpenses Lad for thd`:: :1111 memonableand necessary pint expenses oi vlmpm the ona‘lhJoi6itt(?‘mm1ssion °· ‘ trea tween e ni an rea concerning e use di boundary waters between the United _States and Canada and othm- pnuposes, signed Januarzneleventh, mneteen hundred and $,;g_*§,_°;_’•1';§§_* nine, the balance pmupended July t, mnqteen hundred and twelve of the appropnation made for all the foreging purposes for the iiscal 8 ’§"i.’i§%¥ h““'°`?&‘.?’%X§’Y.2:&°,'}“° ’°“.I""°"3.‘§"ii2‘.ZL’i"§‘,‘Z".‘§ isiinalteen hu thirteen, to be gbrused ungier the direction _1·*·¤¤¤*¤¤·¤| hw} °' ofPa:¤·rmsta·gd)m:r:w“ui¤sr or nuorons ron Pusmnm aim Vxon i ¤¤r»¤•• M 1»r1¤t· Prmsmnin·.—'l'o pay the expenses of eomgliance with °$b1.¤•, p. an the requnements of the Act of Februzrg third eighteen undred and

 the   cégpies of _ e iing  of the

or ice ent o ni » tr:cn£ttedby theexeeutiveofeaehStateto theSeuetaryo§St;t:F, $1,500, or so much thereof as may be necessary. lnsmauvs, UNDER LEGISLATIVE. “*•'**'*°°‘ °"°*’“* Statement of ap pna.tio‘ ns: F p•.raf , d th direct' puum g the Cguimittecgplifn Appr0pd1;£r?§hnl:rrzgf thd0§ed;Tt{rmd;11|EI·3melt:>l; eprssen a wes o estatsmen owmga a no officss ereatgld ghoglgtloaries of whxchplydzgglbunngmttgdtiliieil creaedor uc in aroriati, tts ss, .m.’._ctm..010g¤££i t¥¤t,r}"L‘} EL ¤é°§.‘hL‘° ,;2‘}.,.?£ tion b' passed during the first and second sessions of Ke Sixty- v¤¤.¤»,v·¤•’l· second Qongrees as dgunred by the Act approved October nineteenth, eéghteelngxérri thai eighty-ei§ht, 34,000, to be paiddto the persons esrgn y s arrmen o said committees to o said work. ”¤;g°§”' °’ °‘°°‘ Cowvnnwo vcns or ntncrons ma Pass V Pug - zgysiiic or mile umn: For_ the payment of the messengers gig: Arelgpeetgrle Stat; ‘ for conveying to the seat of %vernment the votes of the electors of said States for President and ice President of the United States, at ghe tigte o;;wentyiiivr;§§nés·fo§63v2•y mil; of the estimated distance e m usu ro ve t place f ` efectors to the seat of government ogntheo nited gtxtlgegmiguttgd mmm Gam foibigxzzndistance 0nl% $14,000;] b 1] “· oGard_ en:_orgeuer repai1sto `dmgs` h ’ Mme *·*·s· *::;:“‘*"¤g"#.<;.&:··‘§f·¤·* ¤:§··**·`?i$`*?°“.,.·=¤,,'*-§* · re irs , rerooms, t , ‘ · Removal of fence me un or the [0]] . ‘ _ eapropnaionm esun " g "i···-=·t ¤· M gi;¤¤;;~·—»;§¤g;_·;_g ···¤ _·;1··v·»g, :»;d;»§m»¤§g°}3£“2l'32‘e$i°u“ £¥.."'..$.'21 0 0 _ OD 811 SIIG of I , ° gggding ‘ as may be mcxdent thereto, is hereb§m;)$2gdvailable’f¢l;i·l‘§a1s5:idii>lrrr—g innate, { r>¤SS;;ag;_¢1isO§¤gn¤}lg*:;i;rgm?e·¤ mm a me damn, ndexing repor s, . ’ W an n esS|u»y’ · °'°·· °'°°”"‘““°°’· Senate committees and joint comdeuqttees of t§ld0Srg:iat:(hn}deHome 3;