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28 SIXTY-SECOND CONGRESS. Sue. I. Cx. 33. 191 1. ¤¤°¤·•=¤*•°‘I · "Ev such candidate shall include therein a statement of eve

 it promisglzr pledge made by him, or by_any one for him with his knovilx

edge and consent or to whom he has given authority to make spy such promise or pledge, before the completion of an such pnmziiy ectron or nominating convention or general or special election or ectron by the legislature, relative to the appointment or recommendation for ap tment of any person to any_pos1tion of trust honor, or profit, eitheiil in the county, State, or Nation, or in any political subdivision thereof, or in any private or corporate empl¢;y·ment, for the ° of roc thesuppxtofsuchperson oro angapersonm can-

  • ‘*'•“*· aaalieyxiiiar an such promise or pledge shall ve been made the

name or names, the addres or addresses, and the occupation or occupations, of the person or to whom suchslromise or pledge . ahallhavebeenmade, ted,tegetherw1 admcrxptionof the 'tionrelatingtowhidnsucliprornrseorpledgehas beenmade. ”¤°¤•*•°*— hth:¤;vmt§l:haf:cr;omchb];mmne¢:;·pl·:·dtg’•;rhubemmadebywch ‘ I

 ’“`~· ’°" "No candidate for Representative ii; Congress or for Senator of the

United Statesahall any omce or positron to any person or to uaehjsiniluenceortogrvehisnzpportto anypersonieranyofficeor posrtronforthepurpeseof roeurmgthesupportofsuchperson,or , "§; of any m in his candidldcy; nor shall any candidate for Senator ¤¤¤¤¤»¤~•¤»¤·¤¤¤¤ of the States give, contribute, expend use, or promise any '""°"‘°"°‘ money or thing of value to assist in nomination or elec. tionof anyparticularcandidatefortlielegulatureoft:heStatem ¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤ in- which he rendes, butsuch candidate may, wrthinjbe limrtatrom and "“°"* restrictions and subject to the requirementspi this act, contrrbuteto poliical committees having charge ei the dubmaementof campaign - un . centrihum by “No candidate for Representative in or for Senator of the

°i°°•n°3»$§ United States shall contribute  , or_promise, orcause
    • ¥¤*•*¤’·"· to be given, contril?1::d, expended, used, or promised, in procnrix

hisnomination andelection, anysum, in the inexee¤ the amount which he may lawfully_ grve,_ :3 , or L":_’,'**un,,,,_, romiseunderthelawsoft.lieStatemwhichhe : umn. llhat no candidate for Representative in Congrem shall give, contribute, expend, use, or promme any sum, rn the aggregate, exceeding five thousand dollars m any campami for his nommation and election; '°*°°”•*°¤ and no candidate for Senator of e United States shall give, contribute, expend, nse, or promise any sum, in the aggregate, exceeding ten thousand dollars m any campaign for his nomination and election: ,,,’,§,""?,';‘,,,,$,,,,"°% Pmoidcddhgdka-, That money expended by any such candidate to ¤•¤·¤¤•¤¤ meet an discharge any assessment, fee, or ch made or levied upon candidates by the laws of the State in whiclhgohe resides, or for his necessary personal expenses, incurred for alone, for travel and subsistence, statmnerypnd postage, wnting or printing (other than in newspapers), and distributing ettera circulars, and posters, and for telegraph and telephone service, shall not be ed as an , expenditure within the meaning of this section, and be consi ered any part of the sum herein fixed as the limit of expense and need not be shown in the statements herein required to be filed. $$:*1* *¤ •°•*€· "Thc statements heremrequired to be_made and filed before the general election, or the electron by the legislature at which such can- `date seeks election, need not contain items of which publicity is given in a Eprevious statement, but the statement required to be made and _ ed utter said general election or election by the legislature shell, m_ addition to an itemized statement of all expenses not theretofore given publicity, contain a summary of all preceding statements. ·