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498 SIXTY-SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 370. 1912. of that department, may, when not rejudieial to the interests of the Government furnish authenticatetl, or unauthenticated copies of any official books, records, pa , documents, maps, pllats, or diagrams within his custody,_ e therefor the fo owing fees: ¤·=*·•¤1¤·¤**¤°•· crallwritten copies, attherateoffifteen cents foreach hundred words therein; for each photolithogrxhic copy twenty-five cents - gfhere suc1;s are dputhorin:} by w; for plliowgraphictheopies, teencen oreach eet·an orbs? or ue ts ecost of the production thereof te be determin by the og furnishing V•¤*'¤*¤¤- such copies, and in addition to these fees the sum of twenty-five cents h,,,,,,_ shall be charged for each certificate of verification and the seal _f_•=¤·¤•*¤¤¤¢'•* attached to authenticated copies: Provided, That there shall be no ehar·E££3>Ir or vmicatgpiihof required for omg: I I I use e o any ernment: ' xé"§Tsau roluz,. ther, at only a charge of twenty-five cents shall be made for furmehs :,“**::":*:.#.&r...,.**°P.,..*rf:£·¤*t,*;#·s· °* ····*=···=*····*· us u n. I"""“"*‘°”°°'°" {'hatnothinginthisAo%!:ra1lbeconstn1edtolirnitorrestrict m any manner the authority of the Secretary of the Interior to prescribe and regulations as he may deem proper governing themspectronof the ofsarddepartrnentandxtsvarioris lrureamby theogsneral public, andanyparsonha anyparticular mterestmany records un er su rules as may by the Secretary of the Interior.

  • °°""'°"""‘ S¤o.3. 'fhatallautheutieated hsfurnishednmd thisAetshal1

dnea. GI? beadmittedi1nevider1ceequally·$gtl1e " thereof ”"°""'· Sn¤.4.ThataIlofficerswh fmnish .' made thy slhallbattesghtheir au:h n lrylthe me of seal: which is ere au onzed or urpese, I,,·}, "g$§§§I{,‘§,{; Sec. 5. That? the Act of Congress approved April nineteenth, nine- ¤g%¤I}=iI·IIm teen hundred and four, chapter thirteen hundred and ninety-six, be, rf-; not eamgsa. and the same is hereby, repealed; but nothing in this Act shall be so “,_III;,I"f’·,“"°""> construed as to repe the (provisions of sections four hundred and mnety to four an ninety-three, inclusive, and forty-nine vu" IU. ozlndotéhplgtgioxr of theogtzilisedl Statutes, IZl.jDg£l16 rates for _ ; a rov are , toe vol A m mnety-ope, chapter Eve and forty-onenilgfing 2 rautl: for P- fying printed copies of ipecdicatnons and dra of patents- or of section fourteen of the ct of February twentieig, nineteen hnindred andjive, chapter five hundred and ninety-two, to authorize the regis- 2;::; :.¥.,*;z·:*.,°;.;1··s,z?tr.~l$·‘* mzeercz *2;* *02*%** or or wr an rr an to rotect the v°*·“·P*”’· same· n rshall y·thing’ this A bg seéziesdisdege m°i°1;£°§?°%*i;*édmxX° ·°§pEi€;?ii;ii·? . . NE P mg 11 UH an seventy-six authorizing the officer having ch f th tod ’ pertaining to the enrollment of mggegs ofill=:SFivg bes of Indians to furnish certified copies of such records and charge for Ima mm M_ ;};:;§6a1iIV1·¤I;> such fgsmasx the of thehlnstggior may fprescribe ; anla _ _ con ain preventt t nor, under eral power of supervision owfer Irldigiiyaifsiii Ifiidg prescnb suc charges or fees for fumishing certified co ies of th records 0 an Indian en [adj P ° Fee forcertincateof . d K · ag cy -01. an as he may deem ,,,,,,:,.1 c,I,M,£,_ proper, an the sard Secretary rs hereby authorized to ch 8 ,, fee of twentg-five cents for each certified copy issued by to the »···=-·# »· ·=·=·~··— °"‘§,°;;“% Th$f’.»i’§.;“.’;§§0‘§*r°°2&" ***3 "°£..,"°"°°’**= be deposited in the 'Preesuryuto thx; rzliiit INYISIIIDS of thm Aqt Shan Approved, August 24, 1912. I c o misoe aneous receipts.