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SIXTY-SEGOND CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 373. 1912. 501 Sec. 6. That every person guil of a violation of an of the r 'P¤¤i¤'*¤¤¤**¤"*#> visions of said convention, or of Act, or of any regiilationcrriiidb hmm" tihefeunder, shallglor each ogense, lac iinlcfd not less than two hundred 0 ars or more an two thousand dollars or imprisoned not mor than six months, or both; and every vessel, its tackle, apparel fur? rmseunozvun, mture, cargo, at any time used or employed in violation of, this °‘°‘ plctgg gttattlg regulations made thereunder, shall be forfeited to the m . - sm. 7._*r1m as any mean shui be found within me waters to ,7;:*;,,-**:; w£1n;h this Act applies, having on board fur-seal or sea»otter m:°g‘;°”°'*°'*K¤¢ s_ _ , or bpgllllles 0 seajags or sea o:tt:m,_prs;pHagams or lmlgétlgbltlw fp; or ngse orseao ri e resume asu vesse§was_used or employed in the’killing of said seals or sea otters, or that said apparatus or implements were used in violation of this ` Act, until the contrary is proved to the satisfaction of the court, in so as suc}; Elewli-¥,_ap(pgratus, and implements are subject to the - jur ction 0 e mte tatee. Sec. 8. That any violation of the said convention, or of this Act, P'°’°°°°°”" or of the regulations thereunder, may be prosecuted either in the diag-ilcé. court at- Alaska, %1`} any district court of the United States in omia, egon or mgton. Sec. 9. That it shaill be the duty of the President to cause a aguard J{,2',},’;;.°',f;;,,§Y"° or patrol to be maintained in the waters frequented by the se herd or erds £1nd_sea otttgrf in the prgteptionagf whitclh the glpited States is 1 ymteres com se 0 nav oro erpu cv 0 I the United States designatedaliy him forsuch service; and any officer maid of any such vessel engaged in such service and any other officers duly designated by the President may search any vessel of the United States, in port, or in territorial waters of the United States, or on the high seas, when suspected of having violated, or being about to violate, the provisions of said eogvention, or of tliis Act,lor 0; arlry r§ul f made th reun er an may seize suc vesse an the o ceiisuiilrid crew thiereof anil bring them into the most accessible port of tl;e$§r3ito1? or 0:1 any of the States mentioned in the eighth f . t ‘ 1; tri . Saéhlhli i)0. Thatcanymvessel or person described the first section of °,°°g‘},'fm{’,‘}{f‘;’u€ this Act offending or being about to offend against the prohibitions rMi¤¤¤¤- of the said convention, or of this Act, or of the regulations made thereunder, may be seiaed and detained by the nav or other duly commissioned officers of any of the parties to the said convention other than the United States, except within the territorial jurisdiction of one of the other of said parties, on condition, however, that r~··umy to proper when such vessel or person is so seized and detained by officers of °*“°“"· any party other than the United States such vessel or person shall be delivered aisolpn as practicablp at the nearest pobugt to télie lplzlce f , wit the witnesses an proc s necessary es a is e gflgiiszeusliii far as they are under tlhe control og] such pgrlljyhto the proiper ffl `al f th U it d States, w ose courts one s ave Juris ici.)io1i”to(i;ry the iiffgnse and imgose the penalties for the same: Bro- Sifyzvlgg by mm vided, however, That the said officers of any garty said convention Lrgrgapnxm anna other than tllie United Statelgi sli1a.llr1rres& an dletamrtveszels and per- ‘ , f t' ·` , a ersuc a y yappro r1- ii2i€§Z11fta¤¤”0i°§ti;i»ZZ°Qi sliall (hage authorizeélpthe riavtal orgeofligr ff f the United States duly commissions an ms ruc y tiheicllaisizslident to that end to arrest, detain, and del1ver_to_ the proper officerg of such party vgssels anidmzubjegts underpthe ]111·;<;1c;;¢;1u<ti§ th t vernment 0 en mg aga said conven ion or _ oraregiilation made by that Government to enforce said convention. Pmclmmon to The President of the United States shall determine by proclamation ,,,,,e_ when such authority has been given by the other parties to said con-