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506 I SIXTY-SECOND oouonnss. Sess. II. Cue. 380-382. 1912. saidsectionlinesj -sixfeet theneastuelyalo alineparallelwith ~ the right of way of said railwéylgor a distance ofngabout three-quarters of a mile to the west line of public highway, north and south, thence north alonsothe west line of sa1d&u way sixgsmx feetpthence westerly ng the south line of. e right of wa of e. aforesaidrailwayto the lace0fbeginning,be andtheaameishereb , . P of . Y set apart as a highway for the use the public as such. on °°“°’°“" °°““‘b‘§€i‘..2‘.i‘ .1 °"" ‘f¤.‘°‘?"'"'§?.z°“€“‘1.;°“"&°.fi“‘}3°‘°““l‘a a su an suits ence u e mm_ hereby set apart, subject to th e sfo the Secrettaiéy bfmthe Bevcnzm on mm- Iutenor: Prowled, That should _ wagaever be aban oned, or °"'“""‘ vacate.? 1}% competent:) gghonty ti of go the described mure tract ° 't forigped avplrtfy theodginilzsurvey. 0 I no ugust 24, 9 . . ‘H CHAP. 881.-An Act Validating catain homestead entries., IYINU. 0. I" Be it enactedby the8esw#es••dHou•s Representatives the United 1:¤1•rl:·l°'1.¤» States ofA1ueries in Qngrsss aese1nbk;{Tlut all ndinqfhomestead used; - · - • P6 g vluhm, d ,,6,, entriesmadenn good h1thp¤ortoS£e:nber int, nineteen hundred nun: <¤¤•¤•¤¤·¤ and elevenimunder the provisions of homestead laws, b ¤<¤]¤1 3 BIND! section undo ’°”"L‘.?.¤1't.»’t}£°.T°'°t..».‘“‘”*’“..t..¤“ ”“°" - ot lZ3¤°°°°‘° °3.‘§’t.,"‘§ stead law&yan;*l)°theg<;rl:;’werdlnot qulrlifsd tonmke anenldrged homestcul en sam b validated if all th respects regular, in all casesgrlldrsetlibuoiyigind homhstealdlentqgwz for less than one hundred and sixty acres 0 land. — Approved, August 24, 1912. . 4 sum. . fin: mo.] _ GQAP. 882.TAn Act To regulate foreign eommerezly the admis- ’*"’*‘Pmbu¤_ Imam] gags; into the United States of certain adnltented grain seeds unfit for seeding Be it enactedby theSenateandHmueo I?¥;eeer•la!£vea the U 'ted uijébzrrgzxptg Stake of America in auemblfd, at from az.] aftsgtgix m,,;,,,_ · months after the {passe? 0 this {gt the importation into the United States of seeds 0 alfal , barley, nadian lueézrass, Kentucky blue m, aw? ess brggne grass, buckwheata clover, eld corn, Katir corn, how eseue, x, millet, oats, orc ard grass, rape, redtop, rye, g¢;r§u;xl:ng91;1an:o:;ny6n:n(df vgilgat, or _1;:|xtures of seeds containing any nnci · do adulterated or unfit for seedigig u c§sm£:ld:lrtth’:rt.·e$b$f talilig ,,”·f_ “*‘ “' ‘° P'°‘ Act, is hereby Prohibited; and tlye lggretary of the Treasur and the Secretary 0 Agriculture shall, jointly or severally, malreysuch

 mmm {Eggs $*;*1 éggltggtigix  wrll pljeggutheic imporltgltion of such seeds

Y6?] _ • ’ m gggggm 2: tlhe oglner or_tl¢;onsf§·nLeée?)ell:‘l1ereoft usxddlr Sl%>?»(dd,mEg · ccor nce b' mgm, · as the Secretary of the Treasvrhhy may ggedggbdoaddcghen 01;::3 to the standard of purity s ilied in this A t, ‘ ‘ th PW c for admission into

 nm clean- _ e United States such seed may be released to the owner or conzliiegoggerehgg lsgterbtgéa sgreeniggs and other refuse removed from

s ve n f · gggmmw., Se.y of .rg.i..m }$£.°2d.d‘§¤.i‘2h‘L.““i~‘鑧€ Z€.E°°Z"£°°?.b»l’ ‘“° appli to the importation of barley, buckwheat, iield cosrn cK:ii? oogllt sorg mn, il»nx,_0ats, rye, or wheat not intended for seedirl pu es, when shipped 111 bond through the United States or imporgtcd id)1?8thd