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30 SIXTY·SECOND CONGRESS. Sus. I. Cris. 35, 36. 1911. thereto across the Petit Jean River, a navigable stream,_at or near Pontoon, Arkansas, along the Yell Conway Corrnty lines, in the State of Arkansas, in accordance with the provisions of the Aot vo¤.M.»-oe. entitled "An Act to regulate the construction of bridges over navigable streams," approved March twenty-third, nineteen hundred and rmmsaea. Sec. 2. That the right to alter, amend, or repeal this Act is hereby °¥P¤¤¤lY *'°¤°"”°d• _ Approved, August 21, 1911. A ZLIIII. · GRA!. .—— A e theliational Mcne Commisicu to make iinal j@_ repm¤¤¤?i»es¤g1J•:ir;y§ii¢ir?,¤n¤¤¤n¤mea$ ¤»:m,maw»p¤r.ea ········-·*····¤ *····.;...,..··*"···..*··¤·· rm, ·¤·r.°;*.,r..,.°*-*’··* ·*,°‘.:.#·.‘:;‘:.$‘*:.·..¢.°‘.:¢;.·:·;;.r·.‘3 tk: qmaiaigxhetmmgdvgmammmnmmmamw. · Bcit enactedby·ihc8cnat¢andHour¢ofTZ¢pr¢sentati1{¢rqft7ie United N•¤¤¤•¤ ¤¤¤·¤¤ States of America i·n_ agsembled, That the National Monetary °°·il`»°i¤°=¤°°‘ mm re- Commission, authorized sections seventeen, eighteen, mneteeri ’°§‘,{f{‘,‘f],f’,§;_‘°“ of an Act entrtled_"An _ to amend the natronahbanking laws, a proved May tlurtreth mneteen hundred and eight, rs herelsy directed to make and ile a full andcomprehensrve report on l subjects to rt under the proyrsrons of the aforesaid Act on or betore the eighth day of January, mneteen hundred and twelve. Annmun mr. re Sec. 2. That sections seventeen, eighteen and nmeteen of an Act "$l3'}‘;_ p,5&, entitled "An Act to amend the national 1aws," approved ,,"{’,;_*"'°°""'°’* May thirtieth, nineteen hundred and eight, be,and the same are ’ hereby, repealed; the tgrovisions of this section to effect and be in force on and after e thirty—Erst day of March, nmeteen hundred and twelve unless otherwise provided y Act of Congress. <¤mu¤¤•¤¤¤ wd Sec. 3. That the first aph under the subject "Legislative," l°,,‘L},¥‘§$§,§_"°“ °* on age twenty-eight of an ict (Public, Numbered three hundred p;,*'gg'¤*°¤ *°'· ’* andPtwenty-seven, H. R. 28376, Sixtieth Congress second session), Vo1.l’»5.p. au. entitled "An Act making sggpropriations to supply deiiciencneq in the appropriations for the al year ending June thirtieth, nmoteen hundred and nine, and for pnor years, and for other pu?oses,” approved March fourth, nineteen hundred and mne, rea ing_ as follows: "That the members of the National Monetary Commission, who were appointed on the tlurtreth day of May, nmeteen hundred and iight, under the provisions of section seventeen of the Act entitl ‘An Act to amend the national banking laws,’ approved May thirtieth, nineteen hundred and eight, shall continue to constitute the National Monetary Commission until the final report of said commission shall be made to Congress; and said National Monetary Commission are authorized to pay to such of its members as are not at the time in the public service and receiving a salary from the Government, a salary equal to that to which said members would be entitled if they were members of the Senate or House of Representa» tives. All Acts or parts of Acts inconsistent with this provision are hereby repealed/’ be, and the same is, hereby repealed. 'No ang to o¤v· Sec. 4. That no one receiving a salary or emoluments from the °‘“"’°"‘° "l' “Government of the United States, in any capacity, shall receive any hm_,m_ salary or emolument as a member or employee of said commission ulampsgxsg wi- from the date of the passage of this Act: Provided, That voluntary ‘“" ·‘ "" assistance, without compensation, may be accepted by the commission from present employees or from others whose assistance may be desired by the commission. Approved, August 22, 1911.