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SIXT1 SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. II. Cris. 382, 383. 1912. 507 purpose of manufacture, but such shipment shall be subject to provisions of the Act of August fifth, nineteen hundred and nine. · _ Sec. 2: That seed sha be considered adulterated within the mean- ·*"““°’*°*’¤*~ 1ni_of this Act- · · irst. When seed of red clover contains morethanthnee rcentum 1**** °‘°"¤ by weight of seed of yellow trefoil, or any other seed of appearance to and of lower market value than seed of red clover. Seco_nd. When seed of alfalfa contains more than three per centum Alhifs b_y weight of seed of yellow trefoil, burr clover and sweet clover, smrfly or combined. hrrd. When any kind or variety of the seeds, or any mixture 0¤¤¤•••<1•· described in section one of this Acta contains more than five per centum by W61gllt•0f seed of another kin or variet of lower market value and of similar appearance: Provided, That tile mixture of the seed of MM- white and alsike clover, red and alsike clover, or alsike cloverand tim- cm"' °°°` otléy, shall not be deemed an adulteration under this section. _ ac. 3. That seed shall be considered unfit for seeding purposes U'““‘°”°•*”¤¢· within the meaning of this Act-- . - First. When any kind or variety of clover or alfalfa seed contains °’°'°'•°°*“’*”•· more than one seed of dodder to five grams of clover or alfalfa seed, '°°£Z‘?"°lian. _ nd. en_ any kind or variety of the seeds or any mixture °“'°'•°°"’· described in section one of this Act contains more than three per centum by weight of seeds of weeds. Sm. 4. That any person or persons who shall knowingly violate the *’¤**“Y· provisions of this Act, shall be deemed guilty of a m' emeanor and shall pay a tiue of not exceedin five hun red dollars and not less than two hundred dollars: , That any rson or persons who shall £Zq.Yl'°{,,.,m,.; gu, knowingly sell for seeding purposes seedg or grain which were im- ¤*'“"*°°°”· Klrged under the provisions of this Act for the purpose of manufacshall be deemed guilty of a violation of this Act. »Approved, August 2·g 1912. CHAP. 383.-An Act To patent certain aemiarid lands to Luther Burbank under AH M certain conditions. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United mm I d States of America. in Congress osssrnbled, That there be set aside for a g,..,;f,-r§°;f‘.,d, ,.; period of five years such portions of the unapprolpriated, nonmineral, {SQ **}°{·“‘*’°;g2 nonirrigable, nontimbered, and unreserved pub c lands situated in caeupmpqaililn. California, New Mexico, Arizona, and Nevada as Luther Burbank, of Santa Rosa, California, ma select, not to exceed twelve sections in all, and the right to enter the same and propagate the spineless cscti thereon, erecting all necessary improvements, and clearing and tilling the soil thereof, be granted the said Luther Burbank, his heirs, and successors in interest. _ _ _ Svc. 2. That the Secretary of the Interior be directed to issue $:·g¤§° ;:_Y:¤¤* patent to the said Luther Burbank, his heirs, or successors in mterest, or all or any legal subdivision of the said lands so set aside upon the payment of one and twenty-five one—hundredths dollars {ger acre, or two and lift one—hundredths dollars per acre if the same ereserved sections within any railroad grant, as purchase price Krovided said payment is made within the said five years: Promded, if at no patent shall issue until the said Luther Burbank or his hens or successors 111 interest shall have had at least one hundred thousand igrowing plants of s ineless cacti of a character suitable for animal ood upon said land; or some part thereof for the period of two years, an \1I1l7l.l~ it has been shown to the satisfaction of the Secretary of the Interior that the lands to be patented are suitable for the growth of spmeless