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508 SIX'1‘Y»SEOOND CONGRESS. Sus. II. Cas. 383, 384. 1912. °¤**¤*=•°°'°*¤”*'•¤ ti al bl I domsticanimslfood: That the °‘°“”°°"°m°d°` lgaariid szlegtzdghslll be ap ved by the Secretary of e Intdrior, when the Commissioner of tEu:°Genaral Land 0Hice shall to the

 of the Inatforhis semiiagg, nonmigreral, nonrrnga le, nontim unreserz an umui e lands or agncul` tural urposes

under present methods oi¤?riculture before the same shall be set aside as herein provided, that and certificate shdl be conclusive as to the character of said lands. Approved, August 24, 1912. A · • • , • • • • .—.—&“f— me d.?i$..‘“€. 2°".ma*!4r€.F‘mt“'r%°.m"?$.%.3*°.m.aS°°‘“”tma.“a"£'¤.“am.““ ‘.l,“$‘.?t'.°‘i1..‘£ [P¤¤li•=· 1**-*1-1 ca¤·iagesandoutlltafcannonbalb,andaat¤rtli. B it enacted the Senate and H . esentati gggtmmw Un-igad State: Y in bbnzsss %t the n¤ra¤,m. of War be, an he is hereby, aut rized, in his discretion, to deliver ,§$,"{*,f,,,:,§lQ{’,g,**°‘E°' to the village of Dalton, in the t%of Cook and State of lllinois for use of the George W. Sgzgr ost, Numbered Four hundred and eighty-mne, Grand Army_ of Retpublic, two condemned bronze or rass camron or iieldmeces, with err camages and a suitglrlesrgtiza of ewan balls, to subject at all times to the order of e re ary o ar.

  • ¤M···°**·“· To apparet ca , in are sate et mmm, as are use or the

Appleton City Academy, one condemned iieldprece or cannon, with asurtableoutiitofcannonballs,sametabes1rbjectat alltimesto, m“"°“‘· w‘ v" thelgrtllz tdvgie of Elizabetltif Virginia for the use of the Grand Army {ost at that place, two condemned lironxe or brass iieldpieces, with their carriaggs, same to be subject at all times to the order of mu T the Secretaty of ar. "'“· °‘“” _ To the city of Lebanon, Tennessee, two condemned bronze or brass cannon orhiieldgiecez., Kiténcgheir cagrgges, same to be subject at all timestoteoreote et . "“"°°·"· To the city ofrPittston, lkgylvauizf for_the use of the State armory, two condemned mortars or cannon, with a srutable outfit of catnnon bxlés, same to be subject at all times to the order of the Sece ary o ar. \E§§;;i%e:$hiZr?&a¤4 ;TTot:.Ghe gogn of Sheridag, Wgorging, for; us; atkJol11;)1Scl1uler Post, · umre my-seven, ran rm ot ',g - demned twelve-pound bronze canngn, nowg at ciihle l:tocl:Wlsl:a)ri1d Arsenal, Rock Island, Illinois, the same to be subject at all times OM"' N_ L to the order of the Secretary of War. 'lgi the city of orar;ige,iState of Niw rgersey, two condemned bronze or r-ass cannon or e rpreces, `t t ' , f

;%z.°2:s.¤°§`;¤ 1*1; im

_ _ e re a o ar. °`""‘°"‘° ::2.;:; ‘.5%t2;;r§;;;·* °*.t“:;%¤¤» W9 maimed bm , wr en- ¤ ‘ outlit of cannon balls, the same to be m0unt;;flr;irHil(ii‘sead1in¢i?hfau<;¤g£i:l)·i,i) house square m the said city, and to be subject at all times to the New You order of the Secrets of War. asverusmim mr. To the State of lllvew York, the condemned brass field ieces and

  • °* one brass howitzer captured by General Burgoyne at thepBattle of

geegggggg g§x%larne to be subject at all times to the order of the ¤•dh¤¤.‘ · I" . im To the city of Madison, South _Dak0ta, two condemned bronze or brass cannon. the same to be subject at all times to the order of the Secretary of War.