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518 SIXTY·SECOND couonnss. sm. 11. cm. ser, ssa. 1912. ,,’·•,*¤ *°'*“”¢ *° S1w._ 19. That the Committee on Territories of the $enate and the companion sv be Committee on Territories of the House of Regresentatryes are hereby “"°° °’ ‘“‘ authorized, empowered and directed to join 5 codify, compile, publish, and annotate all laws of the United tates applica _ to the Territory of Alaska, and said committees are Apnintly authorized to

  • PP*°P*'·“°°· .empl0y£ucl;1;rsistagc3 as may be necesia{g°l;`<:)f t purplte; and the

um o v usan ollru-s or so rn c as ms uecess is hereby 2. pro riated, out bt an rrxmey in the Tres; not othug; . P _ P Y . wise appropriated, to cover the expenses of said work, w ch shall be ppidgépon vouzg-ers properly signed and approved by the chairmen sa: commit . · . ,,,"°§'i,*'§§‘},2§§' 22 0 Sec. 20. Lawssrnu. rm sumu·rrr•m_·ro Co¤emss.—That all laws Wgdghwmi passed by the legislature of the Territory of Almkashall be submitted to the Congress by the President oi the United States, and, if disapproved by Congress, they shall be null and of no edect. - Approved, August 24, 1912. — ‘?i“f¤°=i·ifi .,r‘Er%'..¤‘°”t??Js¤“““‘ra$ai&”¤¥l¤"t”l2”Js7r§*$§“T°“*0‘2.l&°?t“*»E°tt§.% [P¤blio,No.¤i.] ltfibes, arfldtur other purposes, for thexilscnl year erm June thinierh, nineteen Be it enacted th Senaua1u1H Re eoentative: t}•¢United •m States of Ame1··i2 inc followgg sums be, and they are hereby, appropriated, out of any money in the 'freasury

~s,..*PP*°P*;:*a‘e,.,*’:· ····:rv..r°.,.‘ P·r1·= “*·r·*:·.rt·*··

au aus or »

.Hst2ulat:;i>lr;sw;·1&thvar’;0\m tribes, and in ful1,compensal.i:§

or 0_ces sa` 0 `dedf lreremf th service of the iiscal yeal-1r°sendi1n;June ninettelen hundred. and fo I namely: I li ¤¤¤;_¤ =_¤:;e N- or es rye resurv , ti d rarsem° fl m\ll`»1,% unit" to be allotteld inyseveralt; thec81·<?:lisil>l11s grghe Act glltllgbrhnagyé eighth eighteen hundred and eigllty-seven, entitled "A.n Act to provrdle for- the allotment of lands nr severalty to Indians," and under any other Act or Acts providing for the survey and allotment of lands rn severaltg to Indians, including the necessary clerical work incident thereto an to_the issuance of al patents in the herd and in the OH5ce Smmm mum of Indian Arlarrs, and to the delivery of trust patents for allotments ====~· stm; Suter: Otrtzné *2*: **121*;.*:* t;;*:,··,,,*: ‘ _ crva 10 an an 0 {.0 ‘ under authority of law, two hundred andefiftyetliortlsand dollars, to Repsyments. be repaid proportaonalteelv out of an Indian mone held in gms; (,1. otherwise y the Um States andy available by llrsw for such reimbursable purpose and to remain available until e nded. e}cr¤s•¤¤¤.¤¤¤¤•¢¤. For- the construction, repair, and maintenance ogdietches, reservoir-; ,r;%t2“:a¤:;t::*2r.r“;ic:;·;°‘ ·1;.’.*PP"·r:·*·» mi 1 _ _ 1 6 ' for Irrd1an_¤.ervatrons and all-btments sndllgr Nrzxgrrure mu ¤x- men of rmgable lands from damage by floods, three hundred and twent ~ve thousand dollars, to remain available until expended·

   ed, gfhat nzugart of thrs appropriation shall be expended on

rmga on s reelnm · · PE H6 pnition is madgsin thi); Act or l;l·01w§irc(ll6pc1ll€l)i1t:l]1].:Incdl; hre orcnlgpllz &¤u¤r¤¤y¤¤r•¤v¤· available under any other Act of Congress: Prmnkled further 'llhat noth.ur§ herem contained shall construed to prohibit reasbnable expen_ tures from this approprration for preliminary surveys and investigations to determine the feasibility and estimated cost of new