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526 SIXTY-SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 388. 1912. ¤¤¤¤e·~ MONTANA. _,§§’,§§_ °°"‘“" Sec. 10. For support and_ civilization of the Indians at Fort m§,jg;°*'· °'·°—· °* glelknapd Aigplncy, ontana, including pay of employees, twenty ousan dollars. _ · §r{’f},",§"§,‘l.;*,‘§{"cYY‘,,; Forsupport and civilization of Indians at Flathead Agency, Monmggggwk www tana, mc udrng pay of employees, nine thousand dollars, msiuppon, etejoe For support and cwihzatron of Indians at Fort Peck Agency, r§¤“§empaws Montana, mcludrnswpay of employees, thirty-tive thousand dollars.

  • •I¤¤|¤- km _ I•`or_extending construction and maintaining the Milk River

ver se, p.2·n. zrngatéon systprnl 011; the ForiinBu;lklr;ap_Reservatlion, in Mtgntialna, fifeen thousand dollars reun a e rn accor an t www Baa"' vislipns of the Act at April fourth, bundredearivd ten. 0 Pmeou. or con muing e construction o ` ation systems to ` ate ‘“"g""°“ "’°“'“‘ the allotted lands of the Indians of the Fil-gflread Reserv tic , — tana, and the unallotted irrigable lands to be disposed nofmunldiir Mmhmmum authority of law, mcluding the necessary surveys, plans, and estimates, ,,0, ,6_ ,,2,.,, two thousand dollars, reimbursable in accordance with the mama pnizmons of Act of April fourth, nineteen hundred and ten. » ,,0,, _ R°'°"" r contmumf the construction o on systems to irrigate the lrrlsanvn- allotted lands o the Indians of the cet Indian Reservation, in Mutgiltanta, andbfhe lll1clill¢(i•.l»t8(lt§g8bl8 lands to be disP§:’ed of under a on y 0 w, in u mg necessary surveys. and esti-

 mates, one hundred thousand dollars imhurs lil acco’ dance

V I 34 P Im with the provisions of the Act of Marchlfirst,. ninzztehnmhundred md seven. ‘ v ’ ’ · §Qjf"‘ ’°°“*°'"“" For continuing const ct' f ‘ tic i ‘ ‘ urmgsuoa. allotted lands of the ltciflthtia Fort $eckuIn esi'ai)·vall-ildgralirrli "°"“’ "‘ “”` 1£Z'&‘2£§.’.m’”°li’f§it’§°€§i°$“Y°l”s "1"“’i; °“dt‘i““"”““‘““* °“° h““` mthmd Mem _ , _ e o rerm ursa e. ooo. There IS hereby approprrated the sum of f rt th d d ll t m§;‘{,,j__§°§g_’ *’““"‘ remain available untill expended, and the S)ec1li-:ta1?yuS¢ifuthe0Inatf¢iirio(i· is hereby authorized and empowered to use said mono or so much thereof as mayl be necessaryhin the ereqtion of buildinsgb for agency purposes on the Flathead dian Reservation in Montana; for the purchase of lands therein for an agenc site not to exceed eighty acres if such is deemed by the Secretary ol the Interior to be necessary for the proper location 0 such agency; for the expenses of the removal of the igency to the new site selected; and for the protection and ,,mw_ rlepair o any" other burl required for the eihcient conduct of the hxmgxagzem airs of the Flathead ndians in Montana: Provided That the ..;..,_ el1:t.irl·eb§urn expended hereunder for the puriposes hereinlmentioned s reimbursed the United States from the roceeds arising from ,,mB°,,m_PB¤”_ the sale of lands and timber within the Flathead) Indian Reservation. vg_:¢;:;ém& The sum_ of five thousand dollars, or so much thereof as may be necessary, is hereby apperplpnated, out of the funds in the Treasury nps gthergieslg appropria , for the pur§0se of surveying the land on asm mv ” msgs te?el»‘§I§‘°‘?.¥` $Z`i"2l1§’”’ °”°“““‘ ,,,,,,, £'§‘.}§,,,§L‘S; Ei to remain available iiiitillhxpended, dnleliltliia Szdildtimiyhgf thedliitéeliidirs authorize; mango thrhsgenomey, or somuchi tfzereof as he deem D‘ec°ssal¥1 UIC 0 8 S8 ° the emppyment of suitable persons to iirlirnulfggiiri caiildpiiileliitinablialf ,,,,”,_,_ burned timber on the Flathead Ind R ' _ _ _ ian eservation, Montana and to ¤¢¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤s protect the remaming timber from fire and trespass· Provideil Th t Egg eiqéended under authority of Act shall be reimbursdd _m e tates from the proceeds arising from the sale of lands c,_,,,_ and timber within sard reservation under exist' A f mmuagaauy. For fulfill` t ‘ · as ° C°“g"‘?S€’· v,,_ ,5_ P_ M one thousmlggwgeitrw withdC§ows, Mgntanaz or pay of physician , . lm 0_¤!'S,¤1}fQrpayofca te,mi]] 7 engineer, farmer, and blacksmith (article ten, treaty olfplillirylsevenfli;