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32 SIXTY·SEOOND CONGRESS. Sess. I. Cns. 40—4?. 1911. ww hg?. AQ.-—An Act To increase the coat limit of the public building at Lynch- _________ ¤s¤¤¤- [hhlie, le. 0.] _ . . Be tenacted tlw»S’u•at•aad&u•e Bqra•entatws•¢y’t}•e United }§":,¤§ ,,, Oongrenuaaablsy-That the limit of cost fixed wblle wnaae. in- by the Act ot Oongreesentitled “An Act maznlg apprgglnations for _ °'$T,';,°°}•,,,¤¤;. sued? civil expenses of the Government," 4 so fo approved Marc fourth, nineteen hundred andt segnipl, Qgstthegn enlargeuiengz ¤tensionremodelmg' or' rovemene e ocean cou house at Lynchburg, be and the same is hereby, increased by the sum of thirty thousand dollars, in order to enable the Secre·‘ taryof the Trusmgto substitute stone for brick and stucco above the second·£oor lev of said building. Approved. August ii, 1911. - 4 _ angggjsxi. NGEAP. 41.-An Act To improve navigation on B|aekWarrior River, in theState mm Be£t»enac¢sdbyt}m8eoxateandHmueqf v4sqf¢he United ,,’}{_* ""'*' “" in t the Secreta? of War ml=l=_¤p••¤•p_9&¤_¤:‘§ xs here _ authorised, un discretion, to change the deta ed plans num and spemiioations for the construction of Lock and Dam Seventee on theBlaokWarriorRiver,Ahbama,soaetoincreasetheheigbt<':t the pool level over the ohm crest of Lock Seventeen to a height of s¤ty-three_!ete:° pgol level <§_ Lock Ssiiaipeint, seg: to render unnecenury Locks 1 htean ine authorized, andsoas tlgggovinbior theesxtsneioa ot slacgtvxonvp

 Locust orkhof ul9BHw|1'|‘i|I!’mY0l’t(>&l|¢lBl'B

Shzls and iehols Shoals, rapectively, and for thadevelopment of wa r power. °•°•¤·¤P**¤•·,°'°~· Sec. 2. '1`hatthe ofW hereb thorized ddi ted '°si¤°§»¤a¤¤ drwcrk. to have prepared s 'plaa:a]:d estiuhtlds as may h-e necggary . to carry into elfeet the purposes of this Act, and he is further authorized in his discretion to. suspend operations during his investigations and to enter into sugplemental agreements with the present contractors for Lock and Dam venteen providing for the annulmentof existin contracts or for their modification so as to cover the work required for the construction of the higher lock and dam, as be may deem most advantageous for the interests of the United States. M2; Sm. . Should the construction of the higher dam at site seventeen wxh ls. mm be found advisable the appropriations and authorizations heretofore v,g,,, Q M ·,,_ made for the cost of locks an dams on the Black Warrior, Warrior, 7*% *4* and Tombigbee Rivers,‘Alabama, shall be avaihble for the construetion of Dam Seventeen and such locks as may be necessary to overgagisnttelgan lift between the pools created by Dam Sixteen and Approved, August 22, 1911. [AuT;4mz§5;1Q A U *4:;:An A4 ;Ih;u§e§°r:uq of the Navy to make partial pay-


_ Be·£tenactedQytLeiS’enatearidHb¤ae ¢]wU,,;g,d mz§{_%¤v:l{:¤¤e¤;t¤¤6 Sum °fA"W’¥¤¤ ill ¢!{06mb{?¤d, the Steal;-ary of the " Navy be, and he hereby 1s, authonzed, in his discretion to make partial payments from time to time during the progress of the work under Blégilptgnggptgggta all contracttp giereafter made under the Navy pu cpurposes,unotine fth I f P"' P' ”' "'°*’k wad! d°¤¤§ ¤¤d W6 ¤0¤¥¤¢=¢¤ h6!'$8fli8l’:¤?: shall piozdleefgr