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534 SIXTY-SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 388. 1912. undertne trol ftheagents dofficers ftheInterirDepartment and alclm like nioney dne or d\1:01' collectibi by them "“3i,.,'f1,..*"‘°,.,i1.§$';»°.‘l“’0?‘¤{“1*§3'l&.2.'?’;¤“°“men”“%&.’2.‘;S‘°"“°”’ _ RI! . _ •¤Eilv0§¤t:1'•:`&d•?¤:1k¢ That the Act of CI: agproved February nineteenth mneteen “'{.';.¤.,¤.,, e, s. hundred and twelve umber ninety-one), bem€l"An Act to ` §_°{°,§_°'°*’ °°°°'°'*' provide for the sale of the surface of the coal and asp alt lands of Aman. the Choctaw and Chickasaw Nations, and_ for other p ," be, and the same is hereby, amended to rovide that the cation and aparaiggiient of small: lalpregahshalid tbeioompleted not later than , mneteon un an w ve. ...*.:°'*°"““°’“* For the miie: and setdement of the agrees name mw 00115.BBd m§§?_ ""‘ "**'°‘ as prisoners of war at Fort Sill Military ation Oklahoma, on e o ar two , n 1s2‘i£‘ °° "° $°l€¥‘°" ‘°’ “l°'“.e..i"’ “‘5...S°°'°.e.¤“'l..‘if.¥.'?° &°‘?».’.Q‘°.¤,»’ "°‘*.% undertlgiych rules sind regulationsaasthe Secretaryof the Interior and the Secretary of War mayprescribe. _ °"•"*~ » oaeeou. · _ mfgh SIc19 Forsup andoivilintionofKlamath Modocs and • ‘ ° . I

    • •** other of t£:nKll%math Agency, Oregon, indluding pay of

.&"'T‘ °"""' ¥or?,pport and of the eonfederated tribes and bands mm ¤•¤··°”¤· •rm_Sprmgs Agency, and he- pay of employees, four thou-

    • ,..,,,.,%-*-**1 ·*· · Fei rt me wmaames ueweuamue, ceyme , and U

W §a·m'1‘§Orego1‘:includi¤gpayofanployees,threethous?nI¢I g:°•::°°'m'"' thT0 the Secretary of the construct arbridgeland e approaches thereto across Deschutes 'v t- ting on the %arm Springs Indian Reservation in the StateuoFrO:egl:>n e¤2° °{°°c1:i¤t€yb°mege°°°;dfi]$°¤l¤¤l§°:>i°°°sne¤h¤lmal>°mwd *3 2i°u“£ °°“"° °‘

0 .

na ve ro m , the , , “““”“°“ We :"%.;.#é°a§°¤ m’·**···’*t’ hlfmupr %···=‘S.u¤*···g.;.., Oresogguaugg fpr pay gitfupcrintendeintt one hundred tgxo thoué san · or gen repairs an im rov ts ' dollars; for donstruetion of industrial buil)d.i¤£msi•;1tho!i11:a$1d d>dll:nrs; and. mm me in all, one hundred and seventeen thousand ollars. suee Agendas. _ For support and civilization of Indians at Grande Ronde and ¤,E‘.{'}_"°"· "°·· °' "" 3113:8 Agencies, Oregon, including pay of employees, four thousand 0 . ···*··,L‘··lf·§-—·;·*’*‘~"‘.e..,..·~—··-‘“§- rizztsizetuutugiug m..,.,~ w*·:·¤s%.u°¤.1*,;*;t::.£°#:i°¤.i1;¤1·;:6*e.#;,*:;2,2 Indian Igeservgition, in th; Staging n accordance with the ·2 ,- snec cations su mit ` th I d` mp ,6, R m servia and apfroved by the Commisioiier of Aifnairsoend 312 Secreaav of _ e Interior ineonformity with a revision in section one of e Indian ggprotgonation Act for the year nineteen hun- ` gztdch eleven, y usand dollars appropriated in the Act of mm P _ third, nineteen hundreil eleven, is hereby reappropriated: 0,... mvadlzdf gfhgtiths a>0tal coelt gint}: proglecgisgalghigot exceed one hun· · · usan o ex gm,-by. thovsalxéll one and forty-bne andiuiilfignine ogg; H°°°"'°‘"' and ten add that the enth?1 eo'; giutileie ro' btgm r Bc the of the United States from {the? proceeds froliiipae of tunber or lands on the Iilamath Indian Reservation.