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SI`XTY·SEGOND CONGRESS. Sus. II. Ch. 388. 1912. 537 rs hereby extended to and including Jrme thirtieth, nineteen hundred mg d oftlr Yankto Y"‘“’“‘°“· or su ce an cr tron e n Sio - South 8.,,,,,,3 Dahlzotadlfourteen thousagd dollars. f th ux, mmm M _ or e eqmpment an maintenance o e as lum for insane In- nxpemhar mu. dians at Canton, South Dakota, for incidental and all other expenses "’l“"" necessary for 1ts_proper conduct and management, including pay of employees, repairs, improvements, and for necessary ense of transporting msane Indians to and from said asylum ousand dollars; for construction of new building, fifteen thousand dollars; m ici; forty-five tlgczrisgand dollars. h tho Lu Secretaryo is ereby au rized and directed topay to A. C. of Pierreugfuth Dakota, the sum of one hundred hmmmand twenty-eight dollars and sixty-eight cents, on account of to a gas engine made while said engme was rented byhim to the superintendent of the Pierre Indian School and being used during September and October, nineteen hundred and eleven, in digging a test -well for the purpose of securing a water sup ly for that school, and to chargis sand amount to the appropriation lor "Indian School, Pierre, Sou Dakota, Water Supply. " UTAH. ‘"·'~ Sm. 22. For ay of Indian agent at the Uintah and Oura Agenc a:L°·l$i° md W`, (consolidated), {ltah, one thousand eight hundred dollars.y y Aw"- For support of Confederated Bands of Utes in Utah: For pay of aria`} °°°" h H two cargnters, two mrllers, two farmers, and two blackamrths °"P°"‘”'·°‘°· (article teen, treaty of March second, eighteen hundred and sixty- Vol-1¤.1>-M- eight), six thousand seven hundred and twenty dollars; for pa of two teachers (same article and treaty), one thousand eight hundred dollars; for urchase of iron and steel and the necessary tools for blacksmith shop (article nine, same treaty), two hundred and twenty dollars; for annual amount for the purchase of beef, mutton, wheat, ""L Hour, beans, and potatoes, or other necessary articles of food (article twelve, same treaty), thirty thousand dollars; for lpay of ample ees E'”'”°’°°‘ at the several Ute agtencres, fifteen thousand dollars; in al , fiity- three thousand seven undred and fm dollars. For the relief of distress among de ed Indians in Utah, and for mRg;:=',ng{_nj“¤¤ purposes of their civilization, ten thousand dollars, or so much thereof as may be necessary. For pay of one ph 'cian for Indians under the superintendent of $'§},‘{',j,Z,$°"°°‘· the Shrvwitz School Utah, five hundred dollars. For continuaihnlg the construction of lateral distributing Eystems ,,f,’f‘§,‘}§€;§,’f,§';,}’,‘:; to irrigate the otted lands of the_Uncompel1gre, Uintah, an White Utergmmm mom, River Utes, in Utah, and to mamtam existing irrigation systems umu. authorized under the Act of June twenty-first, nineteen hundred V°‘·“·‘*“" and six, to be expended under the terms thereof and reimbursable as therein provided, seventy-five thousand dollars. Dmme mm The Secretag of the Interior is hereby authorized to expend the seugmsmng, im unexpended b ance, which is hereby reappropriated, of the appro- "'”'°· priation of Efteen thousand dollars, or so much thereof as may be vows, mu necessary, appropriated by the Act agiproved March third, nineteen °` hundred an eleven (’l‘h1rty-sixth tatutes at Large, page one thousand and sevent -four) "for the purpose of constructing a brtiglge across the Duchssne River at or near the town of Theodore, U ," for the purpose of straightening the said Duchesne Rrver at or near said bridge, with a view to protecting said bridge: m_C°¤m,"_m For cash payment to the Confederated Bands of Ute Indians, or um for expenditure for their benefit, in the discretion of the Secretary ’•"“"‘“’· of the Interior, one hundred thousand dollars, said amount to be reimbursed out of the appropriation, when made, to cover the net