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538 SIXTY-SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 388. 1912. amount of the judgment rendered by the Court of Claims in favor of said Confederated Bands of Ute Indians, dated February thirteenth, nineteen hundred and eleven. wnunswn. - WASHINGTON. . · 8** ¤··=*¤· A Sec. 23. F l rt and civilization oil the D’Wamish and d1¥¤§.P&mh’ °i°"I°` other tallied Washingtonf including pay of employees, seven thousand ollars. - ¥•¤¤·- For support and civilization of the·Makahs, Washington, includin%pay of employses,Itwo tl1ou ¢gluars. _ d Quiuch qglsxphsatgxesma imlorsupport an C1 tron 1- ts an -utes, y of one thous d dollars. rms.-, ew. YF‘§u££p;0rr. n;I§P qn°fcf and phther, at alnma y, em ees thousand o . hcuAg§pd;¤;¤ mu- Forpupgprt and of Iudiidiis sit Colville and Puyallailixp m§::,,,,,,_,,,.”_,,, I,. Agencies, ashmgton, for pay of employees, end for purchase of agricultural unplemmts, and sup _ rt and civxhzataon of Josialghss BandofNezPerceIndaans1nWa.¤£1`iigton,thuteentliousanddo . fi°·i·`·`*~“‘·*~ w£".2?.fi2“sm·°f.S”3£2‘&°ir'?$€LY“?s*g‘i?ri‘..TH1f“2“§,iT}% EMEEE v°L m' P' in eighty-seven, ratified by Act of July thirteenth, eighteen hundred and mnety two), one thousand dollars. ¤‘&.¤»..¤.. ,u}*d;*au¤:;:i*?_§Y%¤dr ag, ****2 i¤is·¤¤¤ ¤y:h¢¤¤¤ wi 0 , m ashmgton, fifteen ousan V°L’*·P~°°"=V°*· dollars reimbursable in accordance withtbe provisions of theAct 84, p. 1060. ’ . . of March drst, nmeteen hundred and seven. °“'*“¤•¤S°'*°'*- Forsup rtand educationofthreeh dredlndian ttl: Cushman School, Tacoma, n, includingurldisaig and improvements, and for pay of supennten ent, iiféy thousand dollars =;lal;1d1sapp:§;}nat1or:·lb’(;eLng1made to supplement e Puyallup school u or san oo . Zmimmgé 'ghat thpogepretary ot the Irtilterior bs, and he is;1her%>y, authplrized , an omves ate eco no o dim mmm mmm Reservation in the Staiige of WashixI%ton1:ithna view to determine the best, most practicable and most eesible plan for providing water or su an s 0 san reservation as ma a an to cause gurveyizdl I aiis indliieports to be madeytlioereldiiig wd th; with . · . . . . an estimatezidhmit of cost of such nrruigion ro°ect’aii§l.o submit his report thereon to Co§·ress on the t Miincia in December, nineteen hundred and tw ve, togpther with such Acts and reasons in suppoirtuof tltie same as may necessary to advise Congress fully in W regar ere o. WISCONSIN`. H"""°°“"°°l‘ Sxc- 24. For the su ort and ed f of t h dred d- Indian pupils at the school atuflliygyard, Viivigcoiigin, andnpayliii

;.e1;l1i;1!i‘t&rt;l;)1rty-sixdthousaud   lugndrtelil anddsgvexgty dol-

9 azrsan 1m rovemen s w dollars; gr building additions ile dormitories o` li)tld:1nthoii¢i¤ai11d1(iir6lllars; in all, fifty-seven thousand one hundred Tgd seventy dollars.0 ·r¤..». scam:. Foy mgggrt and education of two hundred and fifty Indian pupils at the In school, Tomah, Wisconsin, and for pa of superintendent {orgy-three t£purtg1uudr•2@iliiandh£fz’(§<(§ohars; for repairing lm. . am. 0 thousand dll ·f . repairs andumplrovements, seven thddsaiidl dollars; idShll,miiPt;£gvo www of hh t.h%usand mn; and fiftyfdollars, ,.,,,,._ or su an crvilizati h ‘ · siialiiippuraas. W-lS60l1BIIl,·pP0S8V3Il thousand d‘:>Illa(i·s.t 8 Chippewa of Laka Supcnon