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540 SIXTY-SECOND CONGRESS. Sims. II. Orr. 389. 1912. mspectcrs' t two thousand two hundred and fifty dollars each; twenty-shi isiispectors, at two thousand one hundred dollars each; Efteen inspectors, at two thousand dollars each; twen?-nine mspectors, at one thousand nine hundred dollars each; sixty- ve inspectors, at one thousand eight hundred dollars each; seventy-five mspectors, at one thousand seven hundred dollars each; seventy-five inspectors, at one thousand six hundred dollars each; and sixty-five mm tors, at one thousand Eve hxmdred dollars each; m all seven hun €'.'Jn°°i¤r rural ae and four thousand_four hundred and fifty dolla1s: That, "‘"’"“" *0*.:*19 ¤¤md..°*..l·¤;r?..2$¤·g samwmmm °i..,..°’m Matz: an ro exceodlingthirtyshahbegllzzedsrrbjlactto theorders of the Fourth Assistant Postmaster General whenever and for such periods as m his Fjudgment they may be needed for that purpose. ’¢*°*••- orperdiemallowxmceo£mspectorsmtlieiieldwhile_actnrally traveling onofficialbusiness awayiremtherrhome therroliicral domicile andtheirheadquarters ataratetobefixedby thePostrnagter (tieneraililnot tlrreeélollugss per_day, two bmmdred an -one thousand our undred o : .§';;P'§'-N, ,,,,,,,_ , That the Postmaster General zag, in his discretion, allow mm inspectors per diem while temporarily loca at any place on business away from their home or then· designated domicile, for a period not

 twenty consecutive d?ys at any one place, and rnake rules

. and ations_ the oregorniprovrsnons relatmg_to per I·*¤**· d1em:And ,Thatno emshallhepa1dtomspec— torsreceiving_annu salariesoftyrot§manddollarsormer·e,exeept lzihiultweritisrxirrspectansrecervmgtnvotbousundonehnndred o ars e ¤2§,§$,&Z,_°M'°°° For compermation to clerks at division headquarters, fifteen, at one thousand six hundred dollars each; eleven, at one thousand four hundred dollars each; twang-seven at one thousand two hundred dollars each; eight, at one ousand one hundred dollars eachthirteen, at one thousand dollars each· and six, at nine hundred Tmdm M u dogars eaehi1x;1'rgall,‘ninety(;}1ine thousand zlhollars. dl an mu ‘ " or·trave' expenses mspec' torswi out 'em owance, W inspectors in charge, and the Chief Post Office Insppgcrtor, and expenses incurred by not covered b per diem allowance, unusual and extraordinary expenses necessaril; incurred for maintenance by irgipectors over and above per_d1em allowance while traveling on o cial business rn connection wrth the postal service of the District of Alaska and for the traveling expenses of two clerks performing stenograplnc clerical assistance to post-office inspectors in the mvestérglxitron of important fraud cues, forty-one thousand four hundred dollars. “'°"°"" _For livery incurred by inspectors not covered by their erdrem alloyvancehrncludrng livery lure in connection with the instaHa— mm_ vm! h tron and mspectron of rural routes, forty-five thousand dollars. ,,,,,,_ For expenses incident to the mvestrgatron and tes of mechanical and labor-saving devices, under the direction ofmllre Postmaster mm} General, for use m the plostal service, ten thousand dollars. For necessary mrsce aneous expenses at headquarters, Ke M seven thousand five hundred dollars. ""°’• of B£)o:stp:;§nenIt;u<;.afglrewardir)lfcor the gegon, arr-rsp, arid conviction _ ce am, re rs, an wa N (i',,'i",j,‘3,,, mm. thousand dollars: Provided, 'l‘hat of the amoiint herein el;>6;·]$pJIi·r¥at°te·ll1 “°°- not to exceed five thousand dollars ma be e ded th ' ct are resmam General for me yurpmxpin m-m’ ing 1Zrdm°m.h°ti°° _ _ _ o sec concerning violations of the; postal lags and for services and iufortdiiig tron looking toward the apprehension of criminals.