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544 SIXTY-SECOND CONGRESS. Sm. II. Ch. 389. 1912. ,,,.·-~··-·-·····,,,,, ·~ &‘¤...“" "““§'.T’.i’ tT"‘“‘” *‘°“"‘ 2*2231 ifsh °m..“° '1"%,‘§°.‘$2t'%§f..‘§‘;’“;.?;‘.‘3 0 0 _ s sengers, andlaborer? ahallbesomadedunngthefiscalyear as not to involve a greater agregate expenditure than this sum; For compensation to clerks m charge of contract stations, at a rate above three hundred dollars each, and not to exceed one thousand dollars each, three hundred and thirty thousand dollars._ ,,,,?f"‘°"'““°“ For compensation to clerks in charge of contract stations, at a rate not to exceed three hundred dollars emh, aix hundred thousand dollars. ,,”,_"""“""’ ’“' "‘° For com tion to substitutes for clerks and em loyees at first umn and second célaislgt orllices on vacation, one hundred and seventy- five thousan o '

"‘°""' For temporary and   clerk hire at iirst and second class

postoffices andtem raryan audliaryclerkhireatsummer and winter resort post oilipcgs, eight hundred and fifty thousand dollars. “°"”"*"""°‘ For separating mails at third and fourth class post offices, seven hundred thousand dollars. “'*"""°""““"“ For unusual conditions at post offices, one hundred and twenty-five thousand dollars. ¤¤?Z¤°°°m'°‘°- For allowancesto third-clan tofficestocoverthecostofclerical t services one million seven hun<iI.i~?i and twenty-five thousand dollars: fu°°2$»°°‘Q¤¤.. £’.rwided,T;hl;ar:131>° ;1rl°ememoftbeehundredoHa:lsshdl made w s o postmaster rs one thousand ollars onethonsandoneh dollaraoronethousandtrmhundred dollars; norinexcessoffourhundred dollarsrrherethesalsryof the postmaster is one thousand three hundred dollars, one thousand four undred dollars, or one thousand five hundred dollars; and that no allowance in excess of Eve hundred dollars shall be made where the salary of the postmaster is one thousand six hundred dollars or one thousand seven hrmdred dollars; nor in excess of eight hundred dollars where the salary of the postmaster is one thousand eight hundred nf¥’&**::·_{°;_•** dollars or one thousand nine hundred dollars: And provrdedfurther, That the Postmaster General may, in the disbursement of this appropriation, expend not exceeding four hundred thousand dollars for the employment, at a maximum salary of six hundred dollars per annum, of assistant postmasters at post offices of the third class where the salary of the postmaster is one thousand eight hundred dollars or one thousand nine hundred dollars per annum. h.'f'“• """* "“° For rent, l¥ht, and fuel for iirst, second, and third class post ofliees, .,;"gf;;m___ four million ve hundred and fifty thousand dollars: Provided, That the Postmaster General may, in the disbursement of the appro riation for such purposes, apply a part thereof to the purpose ofpleasin premises or the use of post omces of the first, second, and classes at a reasonable annual rental to be paid quarterly, for a term d£<yg;__¤•· ¤=*¤¤· not exceeding ten years; and that there shall not be allowed for the use of any tlnrd-class post 0Ece for rent a sum in excess of five hundred dollars, nor more than one hundred dollars for fuel and light in an one ear. °"‘°°"“‘°°"" lgor mrhcellsncous items necessary and incidental to post offices of the first and second class, three hundred and fifty thousand dollars, of which sum twenty-Eye thousand dollars may be used for the purchase of post-office equipment. _ _ chrggssrrur ¤¤· For rental and gxurchase of canceling machines, including cost of sm, pumarssm. power m rented uildixs, motors, repairs to motors, an miscd.


um rent. · l' 110 0011 l' for any canceling machine ’for more than two hundlrced and seigiille dollars per annum, mcludrng repairs on said machine, and that ah