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SIXTY-SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. H. Ch. 389. 1912. 545 contracts entered into shall be l t havmg` rtised f b`ds and shall be awarded on the busi: of cheapness and:kciency?r 1 ’ hmm GQ For the purchase, exchagfe, repair, and maintenance of mechanical vices and labor-saving devices, ty thousand dollars. M mmm ...%”:·:..z*;Sm·;.I.-‘.;”°.;·as:s.:.·:&:;*:$1‘.€¤;*:r.:.°:s:*.?..€2* ***2 office at Chicago, twelve thousand dollars to availdlil;. Rum. m m_ The Postmaster General 18 hereb authorized to a m his discre- we-enmmvsauma tion, rewards to postal emgloyees ivhose invention}; gre ado ted for use in the plostal service, an for th the sum of ten tlliousand Mm, dollars 18 ereby appropriated: ° , That not to exceed one *·”““· thousand dollars sh be paid for one invention. my Mum! {sor pay of listter carriers at offices_already established, including can-isn ` su titutes for etter camers absent without pay, and for the promo- "°'“°°°"" tion of sevenésg-fivetfer cent of the letter earners m first class post officei frgm e fif goththia lsgth grade and fordtlzile pro&uoti¢;n of seven — ve rcento e e rcamersmseeon ass ees rom the fouyrth toltlie fiftgigrade ; City Delivery Service, thirt jtwo million gegan hundred and ty-two thousand one hundred andyseventy-five _ o ars. . For pa of substitutes for letter carriers absent with ay, and of s°h°um°°'°t°' a 5slnd' temporary letter carriers at offices where ' tablised millio sixh dredth ddollars. I B For pay 6:f letter caiiildiis, substitute gd auxiligyléalgtter carriers at Nm pdfdicezhwllere Cgtyhlaelivery Service rs established, during the year, t . Igor lzlrse-hireaallowunce and the rental of vehicles, nine hundred uu- mmm and sevent -£ve thousand dollars. · Gar me me bicy- For car Zire and bicycle allowance, five hundred thousand dollars. cigém w mlm For street-car collection service, thousand dollars. ues., m ger Detrtpit %ver postal segvntie, :33 thegland five hundred gum ..,§:“ m;°‘ ""‘ ' ’ thexpenses o e y ce m u ¤· ireiglltldlrizd diiayage on equipment, furniture, and supplies; and erecti"g’ ~““i““£‘fg.,.s ““$.5°%r‘“{.??“ 1‘2&°°,.m' ‘“id .£¥&"‘?£° ti'?.‘3‘}’,°h"“£ re amng exp of time recorders aiid for the purchase of maps, thirty-five change thousand dollars. _ _ _ &¤u¢•uv·¤. For ear fare for T5:-1'al·dehvery messengers m emergency eases, M- thirteen thousand : _ _ rss; For fees to special-delivery messengers, one million six hundred thousand dollars. _ _ _ mm N, {15:: gravel and u:°ex8:nsee m thethpostal sea-gruoe, offics ‘ t Assrs os r , one ouean ars. 0 Thin. til; proviso at the end of section two hundred and of of the Postal Laws and Regulations be, and the same is ereby, . · rom] {mmm- rovnsnon s no p y · °‘“*’?·‘*°d“°“‘°”"’$';I€1£»‘ir`§°‘ ·· an r. rymaet ..Y.·=1¤.¤”· *’· “* of Magsadhnsetts, gr lab Towson, Maryland: or to Clayton, Sam ms un y, Maseoun. orncn orj mn szooim assurnirr rosrnsrsn ommaan. r¤s·`Li°f»¢i¤r¤•.¤¤¤1. uggu Z , U §:!{¤I¢! E°&é““.£“ °“‘£*.3°iiZ§.°“p°d..¤’ *‘°" '»‘H15.*2“.f". .f,§"i..*·;,‘,t.’;.".§.‘i;‘i §·'=’·*"‘“"".,. ale Posgrmadter Generjal is sglithorizfl to Ggtrggide diiiixiult ail sei-vi Alaska dmg' e hshmen` an equi men

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or. nw. •¤=-. 1ggli·tin·ll§1d to rtation by steamboat or other power—boat routes, •°"*°°- eight hundred anil fifty-three thousand seven hundred dollars.