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SIXTY·SECOND CONGRESS. Sus. II. Ch. 389. 1912. 547 date, and for this purpose they ere authorized by subcommittee or otherwise to.s1t during the sessions or recess of Congress, at such tunes and places as they malys deem advisable, to send for persons and papers, to admrmster oat , to summons aud compel the attendance o wrtmssa, and to employ such clerical, expert and stenographrc ass1stance_as shall be necessary; and to pay the necessary expenses of such mquu·y there is here y appro riated out of any money in the Treasury not otherwise appropnatedp the sum of twenty- . · five_thousand dollars to pa1d_out_1&pon the audit and order of tlie chairman or actipg chairman of said committee. From and after ,,, •;*‘{, the lplassagrlpf this get Ehe Pest Office Dep t shall net extend ww ireizht ore arger raen , c 0 sendmgsecon -c matter £re1gh` t trains_: rwidrzd fungi, no part of this appro riatihn shall ,‘¤`*•¤•g:,;· ,::5- be paid for carr{r:)rg_ the mail over the bridge across the Mississippi ho. i °’ River at _Samt urs, Missouriyother than upon a mileage basis, l>ut,_ prov1ded_ further, That the Postmaster General may in his discretrpn pay within the prgent law a fair and reasonable price for the gpecial transfer_and terminal service at the Union Station at East amt laours, _Illmors, and at the Union Station at Saint Louis Missouri, including the use lighting and heating of the mail building and transfer service at Saint Louis, Missouri rovided the amount so paid shall not exceed thirty-five thousand dollars: Provided fur- V°“°7 ther, That on account of the iioodsin the Valley commenc- R¤••u¤¤¢¤¤¤• mg about April fist, nineteen hundred and t ve, the Postmaster- ¥J.£§.'T"""°"" General, for the purgpose of adjusting compensation on such railroad routes in the secon section as were aEected by the floods and the conseapent diversion of maih, is hereby authorized and directed to 0*WBl tso m asc am on rou urmgt esuc— take f ails art ed such tes d h cessive working days from February fifteenth to April third nineteen hundred and twelve, both inclusive, and for the remainder of the

 period from April fourth to May twenty-ninth, nineteen

hundr and twelve, both inclusive, to estimate the weights by a plying to the w hts taken during the period from February iiiteenth to April thegl, nineteen hundred and twelve, both inclusive, the ratio shown to exist between the weights taken on all routes duringthe nist forty-nine days of the quadrenmal weighinglperiod of nineteen hundred and eight and the weights taken on suc routes during the last iift -eix days of the said weighing period, the actually ascer- ¤°g··*· ¤f •=¤·¤v·¤·- tained weights and the estimated wer hts to form the basis for the ' average daily weight upon which to mgust the compensation according to law on such railroad routes for the transportation of mails during the quadrennial term beginning duly first, mneteen hundred and twelve, notwithstanding the provision of the Act of Qongr-ess v,,,_,,,,,_,,,,,_ a proved March third, nineteen undred and five, reguirrng that tge average daily weight shall be ascertained by the weighing of the mails for such a number of successive wprking days not less than ninety, as the Postmaster General may direct. For- pay of freight or exlpreesage on postal cards, stamped envelopes, _*_}g*¢gg_ *>¤ P°•°*‘ newspaper wrappers, an em ey mail bags six hundred and forty- ' eight thousand two hundred dg ars, of which the sum of one hundred and twenty-three thousand twp hundred dollars shall be available for deficiency for the fiscal y68·1' h\md!‘€d_8¤d tW€1V€· pwgemq w mv- For railway t·office car service four million seven hundred and inseven thonsand>i)ltbllar·s: Provided, 'lihat D0 part of this amount shall ;’,:':;"§,,d _,,,,,_,., be paid for the use of any car which is not sound_in and con- an struction, and which is not equipped with sanitary drmlnngiwater - containers and toilet facilities, nor unless such car rs regular y and md an wd thorough] cleaned: Pfmhdéd furlhef, That after the first of July, aneuuxy 1, nineteen liundred and seventeen, the Postmaster General shall not approve or allow to be used or pay for any full railway post-omce car