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548 SIXTY-SECOND CONGRESS. Sms. II C11. 389. 1912. not constructed of steel or steel underframe or equally indestructible A¤¤¤¤¤wr>1¤¢i¤:- material, and not less than twenty-five per centum of the railway post-0Ece cars of a railroad company not conforrqzig to tloroezprovrsrons of this Act shall be replaced with cars construe of s armually in new can ee be after June, nineteen hundred and thrrteen· and all cars accepted for °“'°°l· this service and contracted for by the railroad com anies after the assage of this Act shall be constr·ucted of steel: further, NPH _{<¤ ·¤gg°,j& }l'hat the Postmaster General is authorized to pay for full railway rr;°¤?.r`:l’rsii. post-office cars necessarily used in service by the Post Office Departmmm ment from July first, nineteen hundred and eleven, to March first nineteen hundred and twelve, when in his judgment reasonable and proper effort was being made by railroad companies to comdply with V·>¤-•¤·r»¤¤’·€¤ the provisions of the Act of March fourth, nineteen hun ed and eleven, but on accormt of insumcient time the requisite work could M1 M .,1 ww not be completed on July iirst, nineteen hundred and eleven. ice. "Y Runway Man. S vres: For fifteen division superintendents, at ,,§,§§,§§§_°}‘¤,{°’,f,',,,*‘* three thousand dollars each; four assistant superintendents, at two ~¤¤¤- thousand two hundred dollars each; Efteen assistant division supermm intendents, at two thousand dollars each; one hrmdred and’twclve nusrissa chief clerks, at not exceeding two thousand dollars each; thirtdy-two clerks, me ten, at not exceeding one thousand eight hundred ollars each; hundred and four clerks, grade nine, at not exceedigi one thousand seven hrmdred dollars each; one thousand Eve hundr and one clerks, grade eight, at not ex thousand six hundred dollars each; five hundred and seventy- clerks grade seven, at not exceeding one thousand five hundred dollars each; two thousand seven hrmdred and sixty-seven clerks, grade six, at not ex one thousand four hundred dollars each; two thousand two him and ninety-seven clerlg&L§r·ade five, at not exceeding one thousand three hundred dollars ; six thousand three hundred and sixty-nine clerks, grade four, at not one thousand two hundred ollars each; two thousand eight hun and two clerks, grade three, at not exceeding one thousand one hundred dollars each; nine hundred and five clerks, ade two, at not exceeding one thousand dollars each; nine hundred clerks, grade one, at not exceeding nine hundred dollars each· in all, twenty-two million four hrmdred and sixty-five thousand R¤·=¤•¤¤*¤¢·¤¤¤- one hundred and seventy-one dollars; and to enable the Postmaster General to reclassify the salaries of railway postal clerks, he may exceed the number of clerks in such of the grades as may be necessary: §QT;‘§’,; umim Provided, That the number of clerks in the aggregate as herein authorized be not exceeded. · ,,,Z`§f§f,{,0f,'§$,Y§{,‘,2 _That hereafter in addition to the salaries by law rovided the Post- ·¢¤ ¤<>¤¤···¤¤·<>¤¤·¤- master General rs hereby authorized to make travslp allowances in lieu of actual expenses, at fixed rates per annum, not exceedir§ in the aggregate the sum annually appropriated, to railway post clerks, act 'rarlway postal clerks, and substitute railway postal clerks, rnclfurng substitute railway postal clerks for railway tal clerks granted eave with pay on_account of sickness, duty in railway post·oflice cars, while on duty, after ten hours from the time of their mitral run, rmder such regulations as he may presicrrbe, and rn no case shall such an allowance exceed one dollar per a . M1<»w•¤¤·. lzor travel allowances to railwa tal clerks ac ° railwa tal clerks, and substitute railway porirtarlfzlerks; includit‘i1nggsubstit1l't£d(i·Sailway postal clerks for railway postal clerks granted leave with pay on accormt of sickness, one million three hundred and forty thousand seven hrmdred and fortggree dollars. ; mmm, .,,i,,_ m§;»§iv¢g¤;1P;;f¤7 for emergency service, sixty-seven thou- For substitutes for clerks on v a ' - semester hun md any douml ac tron, eighty three thousand two