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SIXTY-SECOND CONGRESS. Sasa. II. Ch. 389. 1912. 55]. trades union, and all ublications of strictl rofesional ` historical, or scientiic siicieties, including the huHetins Stan boards of health, and by State boards or departments of public charities and corrections, shall be admitted to the mails as second-class matter, and the postage thereon shall be the same as on other second- miiilwviml-°°°°° class matter; and such periodical publicationsyimued by or under the auspices of benevolent or fraternal societies or orders or trades umpns, or b strictly professional, literary, historical, or scientific societies, shi have the right to carry advertising matter, whether such matter pertains to such benevolent or fraternal societies or orders, trades umons, strictly professional, literary, historical, or scientrficsocreties, or to other persons, institutions, or concerns; but ““"'°“""" such periodical publications, hereby rmitted to carry advertising matter, must not be designed or pubghed primarily for advertising l purposes, and shall be originated and published to further the obéects and purpow of such benevolent or fraternal societies or or ers, trades-umons, or- other societies, respectively; and all such periodicals shall be formed of printed paper sheets, without board, cloth, leather or other substantial binding, such as rinted ,, ,

 for preservation from periodical publications:   That umiaueuuerm.

the circulation through the mails of periodical publications imued by, l‘“°'* or under the_ auspices of, benevolent or fraternal societies or orders, or trades-unions, or by strictly profemional, Hm, historical crscientific societies, as second ass mail matter, be to copies mailed to such members as pay therefor either as a part of their dues or assessments, or otherwise, not less than um of the regular subscription price; to other bona fide su ; to

 and ten per centum of such circulation as sample copies:

P further, That when such members pay therefor a apart of ’·“**¤¤¤·¤ their dues or assessments, individual subscriptions or receipts shall not be required: Prmnied further, That the office of publication of omewr pursues. any such periodical publication shall be fixed by the association or '°°""°°· bod by which it is published, or by its executive board, and such publication shall be printed at such place and entered at the nearest "°i°t°m‘i° °`$r'°`°’ gm- · cm. .1 its regu] 1 · 1 at ere ter m es, perro , an 0 r ar issue P¤¤H¤•¤<>¤¤ in publications in raise characters for the use of the b ind, {whether iiii$°i»im°.i?•'ir°rt€a'i»i°{ repared by hand or printed, which contain no advertisements and For which no subscription fee rs charged, shall be transxmtted in the United States mails ree of postage and under such regulations as the Postmaster General may prescribe. omcn or rim rovers Assrsrarrr rosruasrna earning., ,,§g'“_;,,;*g;,{;j:L¤* That a 'oint committee shall be a ointed, composed of five mem. J¤*¤• ¤¤¤¢~•¤¤¤¤ bers of tlie Senate to be designateciqby the chairman of the Senate $r°·i°¤i»n$i€°f¤¤r:1ii$ Committee on Post Offices an Post Roads, and nve Members of the *’°’"°"“· House to be designated by the chairman of the House Committee on the Post Office and Post Roads, to make u;3;ury into the subject Rep"`, Bm of federal aid in the construction of postro and report_ at the earliest practicable date, and for purpose they are authorized by subcommittee or otherwise to srt during the sessions or recom of Con ess, at such times and places as they ma&sdeem advisable, to senflior persons and papers,_to administer oa , to summons and compel the attendance of witnesses, and to employ such clerical, ¤¤=P¤¤¤· expert and stenographic assistance as shall be_necessary, and to pay the necessary expenses of such inquiry there rs hereby appropriated out of any money in the Treasury not otherwise appropriated the sum of twenty-five thousand dollars to be_pa1d out upon the audit and order of the chairman or acting chairman of said committee: Prmwl Prmnkled. That there is hereby appropriated the sum of ive hundred 87618°——v0r. 37-rr l——37