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552 SIXTY ·SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 389. 1912. ,,, ’ the t th `

 .“;°,.m’..:*.·.;,“·.*:# .·::*.§,..°‘ ··1,.."m:· 8...3:.:*;*::2*  

$*1 by cooperation with the ostmaster General in impro the conditinnsefr0adstobeseleoted‘by them0verwhich&¤geliveryisor Y”P°'°·°"· may hereafter be established such ° rovement to be for tl1bJ>\1l‘- pose of the territory whicgmcoul edb each asaresultofsu improvement, possi e Fiiizrveasebf the number of delivery days in each year, the amount uired in execs oflocal expenditures or the proper mamtenance of siruliroads, and therelativesavingto theG0vemnim1t1ntheopera» tion of the Rural Delivery Service, and to the local inhabitants m the transportation of products by reason of such improvement and s¤¤¤r1¤¤¤¤¤¤-r•portthsresultsindeta1lto{}¢mgre¤s: Pmnda1,Thatthe$tate0r "“’“"°" ‘°"°”‘°‘ tbs local subdxvnsnon thereof m which such improvement is made under this provision sinh furnish double the amount of money for. the improvement of the mad or roads so selected. Such improvement shall bemade1mdcrthempervision0f|:lmti$·¢;c1ietaryofAgneulture. 1;?‘ti¤_§mu°r; wi G¤¤¤¥¤UPr :11; ¤•¤¤···*¤· rati£cationoftbisActthsresg¤lto¥tlie1rope11tionsunderthisAct, '°'°"'°°°‘ the mrmber of miles of road improved, the_cost_of—smns, such other tl: F maytb1: ’m connection with ' t su ons as gallogdmanugffor gmeral plan of aid for Lbs mpmv‘ emmt in cooperation wi _ counties, aud(tol>‘r, in§aboutasnearaspo¤'blesuchc0operauon among the various tates as will msure and equitable i"‘°‘”‘°...m,..,.‘° 'Q“’ .‘?;‘“*F.l‘.‘.°"’é '“‘3 $35 "*'3“£}"’€ .»..u”°% '““.§‘3 f t , 0 ai , 1 eem fgsible to prggidguthe game gr Ely 5:0 thereof otherwise than by appropriation from the 'l‘reasu:K for t purpose. saeemy. ger stagionery, including money-order ofliees, one hundred th usand ollars. ,,,°’l‘,,,‘,§’,f‘,,“"""'°" lion- official and envelopes, eighty thousand dollars. P,L¤·!·°¤’¤¤* '°P· For blanks, blank ks, printed and engraved matter, binding g earlier: saper for the money-order service, one hundred and fifty usan ¤·••·¤:¤¤·¤¤=·»·¤·» F um1¤,boo d 'ted tte {urgent cialchacte': including th]? i·:pai·)art?on, mlblicdtion and fxtgesgistributibln by to iggpublic ophdpatziiphlet containing_ genera; postal tion, m 0 , o er an items xmmediatgriliezessity for the system, four thoiigldd dollar; m_;¤ggg_P¢,_•¤'*'°P° For expenses of for inspection of manufacture of official cw wm, my engelopes ati Cmtbcipngi, 11;:3; ive téheousand_sec;re1‘;iIl1gun1c‘1r:a‘;’i dlellars. pmt - ugh: or very rvice, in u t r oxos, let_ fasteners, pafgage boxes, posts, furmt , t bels, st , baskets, cards, time-card frames, time-recoildgrsslig Lies, niggg, transfer des1gns,_and stencils, one hundred thousand dollars. _};=•¤¤¤**¤¢$*‘•¤P•· For postmarking rating, and money-order stamps and repairs to same, rubber, and combmation type, dates and figures, gps holgeirshrpg and pads for canceling and stamping purposes, fifty ousan o . ¤¤·* °•·‘*¤°°*·°*°· For letter balances, aoales, ge? Hgghts, repairs to same, and for , measmes, fifteen thousand o . `“'¤Pi¤¤¤P*¥”· lager wrapping paper, fifteen thousand dollars.

  • "*¤··•**‘~ d Fcr W¤PP¤¤g Wm md tying devices, two hundred thousand

"°"”*'“*'°·°‘°·’ For facing slips, lain and rinted, incl the f paper for same;_ andpfor card slide labels, llllqlannli, and books 0 sn urgent nature, sixty-five thousand dollars.