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554 SIXTY—SEOOND CONGRESS. Srss. H. Gu. 389. 1912. forththenamesaudpost-oEceaddmssesof theeditorsndmanagmg_` editor, blisher. busines· managers, and owners, and, in Qd¢l.1'l·10¤s the sto£olders, if the publication be owned by a corporation; and .,, a‘:r..“·· wr: **···m···**·:*f·*:i*·.;;1·I···**¤·g··*·,.,.,,.» swims · m ease _ n re •····e·· mm included in such statement ns sv y of the findie ot wpigs cr each issue of such publication sold llegsilstributed to tpaid subscribers P~¤*•·>·- m__Pub_ during the p six months: Provided, That e provusions of IIA ; · “‘;‘“°'i§“m°‘ "'°°.§‘f. 3 .%§*‘.¤ .,e.3°°¤·m.£'3"’ ,,°§be;"'i%‘.?§.? ""°p,.,.,..¤,.z’““";».,,°°'“*’°"i·“»..f’?’e °'“‘°‘* itshallnetbenecessarytoincludeinsuchstatementthenairresof _ persousb:Igi;nglli1¤thmorr):bpercent? ofihetotg amount of stock, mo gaglee, or erseeun es. co such sworn

  • &·uPd¤Mmm¤ statement sliall be pu in the second issue ofpguch newspaper,

_ magazine, or- other publicatiouprlnted next after the iihug_o such mm? ‘" *é:‘°““ i. it Mei ?*‘.5"t.*’;’.}’.£§‘i,°‘°.$.*t.»‘:‘2$.“. "$m.‘*°*"°‘ .$2"§m..*Z."“‘,,.r.g,.°g°“ gif


_ n¤a.emsm.s¤..~ to cre ma pu man su im __“w_ Thatalledrnal tter y ch umm`,. newspaper, magazine, or _ _ for publication of which mane; or other valuable is paid, accgpited, or promised rams; sor anus. shall plamly marked “advert1sement. An for or publisher printing editonal or other matter for which compemation is paid, accepted, or promised vg1thout_so_markirathe same, dial] mi conviction m any court having gunsdrctmn, fined not less fifty dollars (% nor more thanfive hundred dollars ($500). swyasueeu norms or Navy rum. oumxs, v. S1:c.3.Thatev Na mailclrkandsssht tN mailclek "'€‘§€%Tu:‘gmm shall give bond toefllle Urved Statgs in such suxllrvgs the Posit-

_Generalc;111.:LId{eem sufiment for the aithful performance of

nes as su . uaupern S¤:.4.When,afteawe1ghmg` fthemailsf the ur-peset nl;.2:w6g:¤;tL; maugmting the conlnlpdnsnztiion for thtlair tra131por::l?il>tr;]’;>n;))a railrosd ro , are _ ve _ m_ or ere , _ ostmaste lwdnln wml General may, in his discretmn, ascertain the effect of such diveraiod by a weighing of such mails for such number of successive wor ' daguas may determine, and have the weights stated and verliidgd to as in other cases, and the compensation on the routes nnnrma emma afected accordingly: Promded, at no readjustment shall be made

  • °'°*•‘· _ M thieégvertod marlsaiual ewes; tetne ger Icentm:1 of the average

'$,,,,,,,,, we on anyo erou ec : rther, Tht much 1*11 dm reaegustment made hereunder shall not take effect befglfe July iirsl, xteyen hundreigt twelve; audclo be fcir diversions occurring r anu , nmeteeu uu twe ve. www ·¤¤*.·¤¤ Sec. 5. llavat d afterli h f rth ° h §$»°E°;a•¤e¤¤¤. letter mm in the Dldlllverynéerfgigdg anllimlglglksmig Pmm iirst, _ second class post offices be required to work not more seesmueruusy. than eight hours a day: Provided, f1`hat the eight hours of service shall not extend over a longer period than ten consecutive hours and schedules of duty of the employees shall be regulated Kill fl) lll Km f . _ _ ·~·— W., mm mm?a2¤.;¤¥;;H·$.;;*Srm*°¤?:.“.:s*21°z2.:r·°¤6;,.#¤m"z· er m an second class post oiilices can he to_work in excess of eight

_a dr:y,r1;nd £ort:uch8:1d;ditrond£Xmriv1}::es they shall be paid

in ren o eumewse for That shorllld the of ther;·i·:1§ce emplo ent on "°'*· Sunday of letter camers m the City Delivery Service audygllerks in first and second class post offices, the employees who are required