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556 SIXTY~SEOOND CONGRESS. Sess. II. Cx. 389. 1912. estabhshmg' maximum grad to hich t' be mad snccemivelyps hereinafter he (i= m:zlway pos; oflices, termmal railway post offices, and transfer offices with refer- °fd_enceto the1rcharacterandimportancemthreeclassee vnthsalary lou. grades as follows: Class A, nme hundred dollars to one thousand two undred dollars; class B; dollars to one thousand three Am umn of hundred.dollars· and class C, nme hundred dollars to one thousand emu. ° five hundred dollars. He may assign to the omces of division supermtendents and chief clerks such railwa postal clerks as may be necemary and fix their salaries within the grades provided by law without regard to the of t offices. "'°"*°“°°*· After Se tember thirtieth, mneteen h and twelve, clerks in clan A sm be promoted successively to grade three, clerlm in class B shall be promoted successively to grade four, and clerks in class C shall befpromoted succgvely to grade five, at the beginning of the quart]: ollowggg thepgprrgion og yearggaatisfactory in the . next wer gr e. me ns a ve grades mugmum grades of the classification may be made in thevilliscretion of the Postmaster General for meritorious service. No motion shall be ‘¤·“*¤•¤¤¤*· made except anggn evidence satisfactory to the liaijt 0Ece Department of the iency and faithfulnms of the employee during the Pf¤°¤d YW- mmmpmm Aelgiiofanygradeofanyclassiiicationofrail tomm,

 ;·:;l;vrgt°]:1<:is·:zn;>:Hi)oes, tramfer offices, olroidvfhepgsdice of a

r clerk, assigned to any classification of railway ollioes, terminal rldil-d way post offices, transfer offices, or to an 05ee of a division superindt•$l?`t or cgnef clerk under such regulations as the Postmaster e may eem proper. · —*"·—‘*‘.,.."‘ °""".°‘ ...?::$;ri$.¤·: ·*..,.e°‘°rs*¤F,.%:*.ga:: zrtmcmirg 0* Iam ***%..2 r , mc usive, promoted one grade only ter years’ continuous, steiiisflilcagory, mm d and faithful service m such capaciti. i »~»···~···-"“"" ms; s*;.;<:.·:t;..··E.°£h2~b.g.m9;:=¤~ of z:::.:fc.“*a¤·*“::i°*°:i ··#.?¤° n u pl: tgluvbsogueut quésrter for sat§actory and faitliiul s¢::viceud°$ . e smug no . Y*°¤¤¤¤¤¤f¤*¢¤* Clerks in the &hest ade in the ti l` th again. °°d° °1°"”‘ °°° nientsdshualll be eligible gr gingogmotihg rt:%tidnsmd?¢ille1?ks iii charge Sit.? ,..r§.3'.;§‘L‘Q.€°.§”»§.?i c»..J’2’i§E‘k`L““.¤‘5‘.iZ$? i..°°“‘g""‘$g..°'.?.¥°:,.2£‘.‘§,'

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_ serv1ce,or a rmm r wa t dclerks' $ghest grades m offices of division supezhipaéndienga respeudtigg vmionsi shall, after two years of continuous service in such cs scity, xfgglgfgcigizlii-.$>ro‘g0tno1ti to plogititcigsulof chief clerks in said division __'0181l,8J1&l servid`th ‘ . two-yles: pegod, under such regulations as (the l’roL;]5masiei?r l

 .t,.=·r·:s‘¤ h.‘:l·;·;·b:°;.:i;*: .:P#.£.*;·.m" ..”°¤;:zSz:*&;:,;:i;:r.;°;.»2·z;·¤¤¤

gate grade at the of any guarter following the reducltiihlreirsatisfaetory and faithf service uring the interve period ’ inaiivaneemenblil- adb; iilling positgions belowdghat of chief clerk no cleri shall ·be Vlllibd. more an one ‘0d mgiguwo mm; ea All 8pp0l¤li0d linailwlh°;1MailfSie¥v•§ and to perf du onrul · · °m whqhuw ;aypost:,>di’dcesshallres1de atsomegmtontheroute to me February ’€w..§£“`”"g‘ie.; *’“‘e"2}¥'£" "°*‘°' °‘°' - “*’*’°“"°‘* ****0* w Tag Bigh Md m¤ety-five, and now puforming such duty shall not be required to change their residences,