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SIXTY-SECOND CONGRESS. Sme. II. Ch. 390. 1912. 565 ment, and pardon of convicts shall be established b order of the President. The governor of the Panama Canal shgl a int all Nmnamm notarres {public, prescribe their powers and duties, their seal, and the ees to be chaflegland collected by them. _Sa0. 8. That there _ be in the Canal Zone one district court ;j.iZ$"°*°°"""""

 two divisions, one including Balboa and the other including

Crrstobal; and one judge of the said district, who shall hol his court m both divisions at such time as he may des` ate by order, at least once a month in each division. The rules olfljiractice R“I°'°°""°°" m such district court shall be prescribed or amended by order of the President. The said district court shall have original jurisdic— J“"""°u°“‘ tron of all felony cases, of offenses under section ten of this Act, causes m equity; admiralt and all cases at law involving principal sums exceeding three hundred dollars and all from judgments rendered in magistrates’ courts. The j `ction in admrralty herem conferred upon the district judgg and the district court shall be the same that is exercised by the nited States district judges and the United States district courts, and the procedure and practice shall also be the same. The district court or the judge thereof shall also have jurisdiction of all other matters and proceedings not herein provided for which are now the jurisdiction of the Supreme Court of the Canal Zone, of the Circuit Court of the Canal Zone, the.District Court of the Canal Zone, or the judges thereof. Said judge shall provide for the selection, mma. summomng, serving, and compensation of jurors from among the citizens of the United States, to_be sulguect to jury duty in either division of such district, and_a jury be had m any criminal case or civil case at law m_sa1d court on the demand ,,,,,,1,,, .,,0,,,, of either lpsarty. There be a rstnct attorney and a marshal mgmmmm for said tuct. It shall be the duty of the dktrict attorney to °°' conduct all business, civil and criminal, for the Government, and to advise the governor of the Panama Canal on all legal questions touching the 0 eration of the canal and the administration of civil affairs. It shell be the dug of the marshal to execute process of ` the court, preserve order erein, and do thmgs incident to the Apmmmmh M_ omce of marshal. The district {KCFS, the district attorney and the ¤r•. ew marshal shall be appointed by the resident, by and with the advice and consent of the Senate, or terms of four years each, and until their successors are appointed and quahiied, and during their terms of office shall reside within the Canal Zone, and shall hold no other omce nor serve on an official board or commission nor receive any hy 0,,Mm emoluments except tgeir salaries. The district jpdge shall receive Clerkthe same salary paid the district judges of the nited States, and shall appoint the clerk of said court, may apggint one assistant when necessary, who shall receive salarres to be ed bysthe President. The district judge shall be entitled to six wee ’ leave of Mt, up NM absence each ear with pay. During his absence or during any dedsnnnlenl. period of disability or disqualification from sickness or otherwise to discharge his duties the same shall_be temporarily performed by any circuit or district judge of the United States who may be designated by the President, and wh_o, during such service, shall receive the addriional mileage and per diem allowed by law to district judges of the United States when holdrgi court away from their homes. my 0, umm “_ The district attorney and the ma al shall be paid each a salary of zemeysaamamar. five thousand dollars per annum. _ ·,·,.,_,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,k_ Sec. 9. That the records of the existing courts and all causes, pro- ¤¤¤.,¤1exae¤;sm-s ceedings, and criminal prosecutions pending therern as shown by the dockets thereof, except as herein' otherwise provided, shall immediate] upon the organization of the courtscreated byikthrs Act be transfgrrcd to such new courts having jurisdiction of e cases, be