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570 SIXTY-SECOND CONGRESS. Sus. II. 01-1. 391. 1912. Pwvml I of War, ten thousand dollars: Provided, That section thirty-six §.°ii.••¤.su¤.r».·rna and forty-eight, Revised Statutes, shall not apply to subscriptions for foreign and profemional newspapers and periodicals to be aid for from this appropriation. _ V §*{,{‘°;,,'°;*;’,Pl,$·,,,,,,' Lllxnnn Srrans smvma sqmoora: To provide mearm for the thenna oretical and practical instruction at the _ Cel1ege(1nelud¤¤E`_1;:11e Army School of the line Army Field Engineer School, and the _ y Siinal School) at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, '°" “°’· K""· Sc ool at Fort Rrl , Kansas, and the School of Fire for Field Artil- '°**°’“· °**'~ le at Fort Sill, Ozlaboma, by the purchase of textbooks, books of rezrence, scientific and rofessronal papers, the purchase of rnodern instruments and materiallior theoretical and practical rmtractron, and forall other absolutegoneceesary expenses, to be allotted m such pro- ’nsasma,m opm1onof the§§ecretaryofWar,beforthe mlilnterests olthe military service, thuiy thousand dollars. ¤M~i¤|¤¤*,_°°¤°¤*'* rua anm·ra¤·r o¤’s 1>m>aa·n¤nu·. ¤·>¤*i¤ *¤=*°• •* Corrrmermcuzs, unanquarrnns or IILITARY nm>a1r·nmm·s: For h°'°°°°l°"' contingent expenses at headquarters of the several ‘ sions and departments, mcluding the Corps servrng_ ereat behg for the purchase of the necessary articles of office, toilet, and desk furniture binding, maps, of reference, professiona1andwchnicalnewspapersandpenedicals,andpolreeuterrsrls, tobeallottedby theSecretaryofY[ar,andtobeexp¢sndedmthedrscretion of the several military drvisron and department commanders, seven thousand five hundred dollars. » M'{,'{,*{°,;f’“°‘°"“"" mmm: mn crmrr or coasr arr·rrr.umr. · 8c‘,{g;,f§°¢,'}{§§,$,§g Coarrr Anuumr SCHO$)L,FO}!T M0mro1¤,Vme11¤ga: Forincidental va expenses of the school, mcluding chermcals,_ stationery, hardware; cost of special instruction of oilieem detarledas mstructor·s· extra-duty pay to soldiers employed for periods not less than ten days as artificers on'work in addition to ahd not strictl in line with their worry d11;ties,;£rch as csarpenters, b , cgaftsmirn, printers, 'thograp rs oto$ra_ p em, engine ers, telegra rators teamsters, wlreelwrrg ts, masons, machinists, painteiis, ggzrsesrsi laborers; omee furmture and Extures, machinery, and unforeseen ex- 1 penses, ten thousand dollars. "'°" ""“"‘"“ For- purchase of engines, generators, motors, machines, measuring instruments, igpgcial apparatus and materials for the division of the enlisted spec ts, seven thousand dollars. For purchase of special apparatus and materials and for experimental Fpurposes for the department of artillery, three thousand dollars. °'°"""`”'°"“"°* or_ purchase of generat1ng, measurrring, and mine apparatus, and materials for use rn instruction of a e troops in their special duties in connection with the loading arid planting of submarine mines, five thousand five hundred dollars. °°°”“ For purchase and binding of professional books of recent date treating of military and scientific sub'ects for library and for use of school, two thousand hve hundred dollars. i$:rqr°:iiea1s,ew._ Provided That section hundred and forty-eight, Revised . KS—···¤—**¤·P· M Statutes, shall not apply to su ptions for foreign and professional newspapers and periodicals to be paid for from this appropriation. signal Service. orrrcn or ran cams- srornr. orrrcmn. x"’°“” Sroxar. Smrvrcn or mz A.aur· For e uses of the Si 1 Service ass, p. as ei; the Armyigs follows: Purchase, equipxt, and re airlilillield electrrc telegrap , srgnal equipments and stores, binocular glasses, tele-