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38 SIXTY—SECOND CONGRESS. Sess; I. Rss. 5—7. 1911. uamamam-nn. 'lhe gprvpriation made in said Act for rotection and im rove- $:i°¥•‘ii».'idn'i.°°d' ment ol} ount Rainier National Park, Washington, is reduced) from Eve thousand four hundred dollars to five thousanlzd dogs?. cd unity . So h of the general deli iency appropna ion c approv

 Marchufgflrth, nineteen hundred (land eleven, as appropriates t£e sum

"vol.U.P·1$. of five hundred dollars to reimburse the State board of regents of the University of Idaho for the premium paid on an mdemmty bond is regehaled. . . resamnae e P:>lsrtédOili¢3a zfppropriation appripved March fourth, mneteg h n, is amen as o ows:

¤¤*°· Sb igllch ofugaitl {lst as appropriates the sum of fifty thousand

Item repeals:. dollars for expenses of or authorizes the appointment of a GOHIHIISSIOD v°'·"·’·"’* to inquire and report touching the cost to the Government of the transportation_of all classes of second·class mail matter 1s_ repealed. gf; "“"" The a propriatnon made m said Act_for travel allowance to railway A¤¤¤¤¢¤¤1¤¤¤¤— Hostal clerks is reduced from one million seven hundred and fifty v°*’°°' '” ]°°` ollars to seven hundred and sixty-nine thousand dollars. v•<;¤¤¤¤ ¤¤¤·¤¤·••r So much of said Act as authorizes the Postmaster _General to allow ""f¤°:¤°l$p•i"ne°i° railway postal clerks and the employees of the mail-lock_and mail- V°“’·*’·“"~ bag reeplair shops an annual vacation of thirty days with pay is su;. a%e naval appropriation Act ‘ approved March fourth, nineteen ¤·>¤¤¥·¤¤¤- A h So mudllfllmfll the parsfram mpxhdggplrbpzilsgzinfé for "Contingent Navy," A ownnceof ‘ q, 3 0 3 Ya I 3 ¤ v•¤¤·'i¤§i4i;ld f rt·hsar0l'l‘(l:.·t:th Secretary fth l\ be andh i°:€e°Ii?f°°°°°°’°°°° hereby is, authorized, discretion, to make payments _§°,,},_’{,·_'§;,_”"· from time tz Enme during the progress of theiwogh xipder cont ts an contracts hereaftermade un er e avy artmentlfbr public purposes, but not excess of ninety per centum of the value pif vgork alieady done; angl the eontractsf lzirealgter made shall vie orsuc msuranceas_eSecretaryo e avyma deem glioihcient, and for a lien in favor of the Government, which lie; is hereby made paramount to all other liens, upon the articlm or thing contracted for on account of all payments so made, provided that partial lpayments shall not be made under such contracts except where sti u ated for, and then only in accordance with contract P provisions," is repealed. Approved, August 14. 1911.

€»“f¤¥’€-lik] ANS; 3;}, n$i
¤laxR°1i:l:§i3rlf>)il¤$l$ili;:l::le2:§¤l$¢i$';.ll°r °' °“° B°‘“’ °‘ M°"“’

[Pub`m'N°`6‘] &RagoZ-yi by the rS'engte and House 0; ei); ?1e United Maasai n for am merwa m megresa a . . Ba . $$2 V:*l::‘°°' of Nebgaska, be, and he is hereby, appointed as a mllliiber of the Gélrgygjrgxggtg of Managers of the National Home or Disabled Volunteer Soldiers of san-a eunaqss. the United States, to succeed Captain Henry E. Palmer, deceased, wlaose ttiiém of office would expire April twentygnrst, nineteen hundred an six n. Approved., August 19, 1911. at prgl:'igiO’tg 0i_J§i;tCEe&s;l;&;·n Providing for additional lands for Colorado under the [ma. n¤..1w 1.; at Reaobaed by Zjle and House of @l@·eeentati*ves of the Chiited <gg¤ue_¤h tu States qf.A{nerwam Oongrm assembled, tan additional one million up {.;m,_"“ Heres of and lands within the_Sh1l¤e of Colorado be made available °· F *'· and subject to the terms of section four of an Act of Congress entitled