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SIXTY-SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. HI. Ch. 142. 1913. 785 Srnainnoanlxsrnmxon Snavrcnc Su erv1smg' Ins ector General S=¤·¤¤¤•¢ ¤¤•1>¤¤- $4,000; chief clerk and Acting Su Ins ectorpGeneral in the mm s°m°°' absence of that officer, $2,000; clerl)rs·—two of cllsiss three, one of class two, one of class one, two at $1,000 each; messenger; in all, $14,640. _ Salaries of steamboat inspectors: For salaries of ten gu erviging S·¤v¤·v¤¤¢ inmw inspectors at $3,000 each, as authorized by section forty-fiiur hun- °°Es.,ae.44o•,aas¤. dred and four, Revised Statutes United States· for salaries of inspec— {}{.f}’°§,°°§'"m,. V0, tors of hulls and mspectors of boilers, as authorized by the Acts of ¤5·v-.W ` Congressapproved April ninth, nineteen hundred and six, and May twenty-eig th, nineteen hundred and eight $167,100; for salaries of

 inspectors, as authorized ly the Act of Congess approved

§pril ninth mneteen hundred an six, for the fo owing orts: ew York, New York, twenti-seven, at $2 000 each; New Orleans, Louisiana, four, at $1,800 eac ; Baltimore, Maryland, six, at $1,800 each; Boston, Massachusetts, six, at $1,800 each; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, e§ht at $11],800 each; San Francisco, California, e ht, at_$1 each; uffalo, ew York four, at $1,600 each; Milwauliee, Wmconsm, eight, at_ $1,600 each; Norfolk, Virinia, four, at $1,600 each; Seattle, Washington, eight, at $1,600 eac ; in all, $347,100. Clerk hire, service at large: For the compensation, not exceeding °"*m'°“ $1 ,500 a year to each person, of clerks to boards of steamboat inspectors, to be appomted by the Secretary of Commerce and Labor in accordance with the provisions of section fort —four hundred and fourteen, Revised Statutes, the Act of April nintli, nineteen hundred §,,§,·$bf**$1>‘§§)t gg Six, and the Act of March fourth, mneteen hundred and eleven, ¤¤. aim ` , 00. . Contingent expenses: For the payment of fees to witnesses; for °°¤“¤•°¤‘°*P°¤>·* traveling and other expenses when on official business of the Supervising Inspector General, supervising inspectors, local and assistant inspectors, and clerks; for instruments, furniture, stationery, janitor p,,,,_,_-m, service, and evcgfy other thing necessary to carry mto etfect_the pro- mn_E%.r¤u• nu. rp. visions of Title ty-two, Revised Statutes, of the Act of Agn] fourth, v,,,_·36_Y_m v,,;_ QL eighteen hundred and gightywight, amending the Act of une nine- Q;°ff’;,f'*{;_3§,§’·`)g;,f£Q,*j= teenth, eighteen hundr and eighty-six, as amended by the Acts of Q, pg; logo. p.1o¤L March first, eighteen hundred and ninety;five, February fifteenth, ° " ` eighteen hundred and ninety-seven, Marc third, nineteen hundred and five, April ninth, nineteen hundred and six, and May twenty- eighth, nineteen hundred and eight: Promyled, That fees to witnesses amt; fm in eteamboat—insCp)ection cases shall be paid by the disbursing clerk, Department of mmerce and Labor, on properly certified vouchers, $90 000. liunnan or Navmarronz Commissioner of Navigation, $4,000; ,,,R,‘f""‘ °' "‘"" deputy commissioner, $2,400· chief clerk, $2,000· clerk to commissioner, $1,600; clerks—two of class four, one of class three, three of class two, four of class one, two at $1,000 each, six at $900 each; two messengers; in all, $33,280._ _ _ _ _ _ Slupping Service: For salaries of shguping commissioners in m§,}>;r¤;P*¤¤ °°¤¤¤¥* amounts not exceeding the following: t Baltimore, $1,200; at ve¤.¤,ass. Bath, $1,000; at Boston, $3,000; at Gloucester, $600; at New Bedford, $1,200; at New Orleans, $1,500; at New York, $5,000; at Norfolk, $1,500; at Pascagoula, $300; at Philadelphia, $2,400; at Portland, Maine, $1,300; at Port Townsend, $3,500; at_ Providence, $1,800; at Rockland, $1,200; at San Francisco, $4,000; m all, $29,500. Clerk hire: For the compensation to be fixed by the Secretary of 0******* Commerce and Labor not to exceed $1,600 per annum to each person, of clerks in the offices of the shipping commissioners, $35,000. Contingent expenses: For rent, stationery, and other_requ1s1tes for €*j,?°*j,§{>f’;§;*¤¤’¤ the transaction of the business of shipping CO[ll1I1lSSl0I1Bl'S’0mC8S, and rent of temporary quarters and expenses of removal for the United States shipping commissioner at New York, New X ork, not to exceed $1,000, and for janitor in his office, $840; in all, $6,850.