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786 SIXTY-SECOND CONGRESS Sess. IH. C11. 142. 1913. M¤¤¤••¤¤¤·¤* ¤* To enable the Commissioner of Na ation to secure uniformit vena]:. . y n»¢,p.·ms. m the admeasurement of vessels, incliiging the employment of an adyuster of admeasurements at a salary not to exceed $2,100 purcihaizland exchang; aegoadmeasuring instruments, traveling and meien expenses . mfg ;';•§{·‘°j§;,°{,’ Enforcement bf nhvigation laws: To enable the Secretary of Com— hn merce and Labor to provide and operate such motor boats and employ thereon such persons as may e necessary for the enforcement, un er drreiction by cusitoms officers, of th? laws relating to the navigation an mspec ion o vessels, board1ng' 0 vessels, and counting r of assengersonexcursirmbo ts $15000. .,.,k,,,'"""'.,,,°°""".,,,""i,,, gnforcement of wireless ehmimmication laws: To enable the •¤;gjg·'¥_m Secretary of Commerce and Labor to enfome_the Acts of Congress ie_z’,§15s& to reqnme apparatus and gperators for radio commrmication on p...,,m oergem oscar; mars" an Etc reguglte ra¢%1il¢:;comm1mication" ancarryou e ternation `o- egra `Co t' d

  • ,:.·,:.·:·Iz2,¤s;·::$,P::,·°·*¤ M? ms: ·· e·yt°sh¤£¤~*·Mif*i·’~fmf,,,ii·°,;§·

aries o em ‘ $5,800, and subsiste1licey , printin;1;>(iii·c¥ase an

 of  ents, techmcal books; rug, éxgdalltgghpr miscelocessary expenses no nn u m oregoing

$37,880. · ’ ¤¤··¤ ¤* Beam Innn . · · an d ,,_;";'g¥; U or _ qmrrou ami Naruaanxzarronr. Commissioner Hcisn m- Ggneral of Immigatron, $5000; Assistant Commissioner General, w oshallalsoactasehnefclerk and actu , $3,500;privatesecretary, $1 800; chief statzsticnan, $2,000; cl of class four, four of class three (one detailed to Secreta1y’s ozfiice), six of class two eight of class one, eight at $1,000 each, six at $900 each; two mes: Nlmnumum DL serigersalassistant mewengen; rn. all, $57,9()()_ · i ,,%:,,34* ju a or gd e purpose of carrying into etfect the provxsionsof the_Ac¢ Am Wen Upgxrov une twenty-mnth, nineteen_ hundred and six, entitled Act to establish a Bureau of Imm.\3·ation and Naturalization, agdo tohprovide for_ a umformnrule for e naturalization of aliens t _ ug out the United States,_ namely; Chief of Division of Naturalization, $3,500; assistant chief of division, $3,000; clerks—five of g fgiuiglngnag ogaxggsstthreeiegegrgzjn of class two, twelve of class one, wo a · essmgcr. · Mmmm DM mesmngersamessenger boy, $480; irs ::11,, $$3,260. ’ two mt .1,,% ‘ For msion of Information established under section fort of the _,gé§_g*•f•¤· Act aaplprpved February twentieth, nineteen hundred am? seven entitl An tact to regulate the immigration of aliens into the §Jinv§ge;inSg?ge30 ngamlelsyz tghxeffofldivgsion, $3,500; assistant chief of , ; er —· o o c ass , f l class twb, three of class one, one $900?ges(i;i31,¤,?er? all $10 of .3:1 or ease. Burman or Srarznagzns: Director, $6,000;physieists——cbief $4 800 one qualified in optics, $3,600, two at $3,600 each, one’$3’000i associate physimsts-—three at $2,700 each four at $2 500 h if ’ at $2200 h ii * °°°» °“* $18 , eac , ve at $2,000 each; assistant phys1c1sts—nine at , 00 each, eleven at_$l,600 each, fourteen at $1400 each· h` f E2;m;t,$;45g000g8g:1li1e1;1;i§t,$§2<gg(g)0; assgciate chemisits—one $26765, , , , , , 2 000; assistant ch Justwo at $1,800 each, three at $1,6000118 h 2 im ¥E$¥e¤“"“r‘t“§$00*`*“,;J§F‘;,;;,§,1,2°°; i*ii?i$i'4·?? $??<i6<}“$$£E’ _ . , ory e pers—one $840, thr I each, a1_ds—ten at $720 each_, seven at $600 each- laborat E6 at W2? txces——six at $540 e h ’ my apprm librarian $1 600. ac , six at $480 each; storekeeper, $1 990- glm tags, awt 1,%§Z2“¥%0’ti?P L?1§f§iT,‘;‘é° Fi °'”’f{?‘6‘80°;‘° Zi our at $0,00 each, two at $720 each· tele i our Bl BM ’ - , phone operator $720· ih apprent1ces——two at $540 each, two at $480 each, three at $360 gaclig