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792 SIXTY·SECOND CONGRESS Stes. III. Ch. 148. 1913. run umn nn- rosrn. savnres sxsrnt. we ¤¤w¤•» blank books, forms, pamphl ts, rubber stqnps, cancelis wl l saving certiiicatesllcr iée depository gmgeglgngd · carh gum an s envelopesfornlgeinieu 0 orPi;iu(lkeden in thetransvu, n, yl me mittal of free mail, eutlin by act of June twenty-fifth, nmeteen hundred and ten, mclnding used ti]: the centralérflice, $ lg; ¢|llIlIO0u. . gm. ch‘s°_ ’ the ' incident to the shipment of mxplies, mcluding the cost of vn-appmg pgper, twine, packing yage, freight, and express charges, hnmqimws if tml d expensesin theserv1ce of theP0sta1 °°°" Savidgs Systelml, office of the director, $509- _ mmm For travel and miscellaneous expenses m the postal service, office of the Postmaster General, $1,000. •.¤”°°o.e*'*•l'n.`"°*' ornczcr rn mn sssxsrsm P08'l‘IA8’I'.IB emmnan. nsunuu. F pensetio to pestmasters, $$0,250,000. _;_¤¤¤¤¢ v¤·¤¤·•· Fg glgpensatioil to assistant pestmssters at first and § · _ qxpggdgj $Qp(l® each; , L D0

$3?0Y0li   atnote¤cee;ling$2 500;;c:’1`;0six, at

not $2,000 ;' —•.t_noex ,g _; forty, at not esgity-five, at nogmeedmg $1,700 each; one hun _ and at not exceeding $1,600 %’ °'.i‘}.l‘.%‘i'.?$‘2é*,i'L’Z‘.¥;..,..l“‘“°l..g° n 4m.ct"f5°°cr.,“i.h.i¤.`ir“§£‘l‘.¥'£ an " s s forty-one, at not $1,300 each; five hundred and twenty- eight, at not exceeding $1,200 each; four hundred and eighty, at not exceeding $1,100 each; two hundred and twenty-four, at not exceeding $1,000 eaclr one hundred and fifty, at not exceeding $900 each; A t. aw oneihtnindred and fifty, Ltdnot exceedixég m all, $i;£;5£000. ,,,}.’$f"" “An tment l§1g.I'.\1¤· en 0 assis pos ereunder shzgplilsnso made during;-he decal year as not to involve s ¤“m“°M_m_ greater aggregate expenditure this sum. cum, eee For éziompematxon to clerks and employees at iirst and second class t ces: M °"°°` poguo tendents of delivery, superintendents of mails, superintend- Pmn . . ents of money ordeegh and superintendents of registry, twenty, at not eedmg° $3,200 ; ’“"·°""· axzudigegzsi; and superintendents of mails, seven, at not exceeding $3,000 S * l "°°’7°°` Assistant t§lu§erintendents‘of mails, superintendents of delivery, Am m and superin ents of mails, fifteen, at not' exceeding $2,700 each; ' Assistant superintendents of mails cashiers, superintendents of geliveryéwind superintendents of mails, eighteen, at notexceeding 2,600 ; . . "m’°°°' Assistant superintendents of mails, cashiers, su tendents Gt delivery superintendents of mails, and superintendents of stations, twent ·lour, at not exceeding $2,500 each; At ill}. y . . . . Assistant superintendents of delivery, assistant superintendents of mails, assistamrsuperintendents of money order, assistant superintendents of registry, bookkeipers, cashiers, finance clerks stenographers, superintendents of d very, superintendents of mails, supermtendentspf money ordplr, and superintendents of registry, forty, at not exceeding $2,400 e ; · Alum assistant superintexildzents of mails, bookkeepers, cashiem, chief mailing clerks, chief stamp clerks, finance clerlm, superintendents of