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794 SIXTY-SECOND CONGRESS Sus. III. Ch. 143. 1913. supeun' tend ts f regis' perm` tendents of second-class matter, and superinatrdndgnatzbofusytatlgm, nine hundred and sixty, at not ceeding $1 ,400 e · _ _

  • ~*¤·*°°· 6xAsshtant cashiers, dmistant superintendents of delivery, assistant

superintendents of money order, assistant superintendents of mails assistant wtendents of registry, assktant<;;§·inte;&lents ol zldrkstmexaminers of sthtions, finance clerks, foreman of crews, °`ss“iv“’“‘°.§I.°g"psr;£}I°§?rs?.“r§’°.“f}‘“““°°“ msH“uP°m°'%&“£f'§$°2r*§§* mrpeniihytizndents of r§istry, superintendents of second-clas matter; and sixperintendegxltsaoostatmns, two thousand one hundred and four, atno ex eaclr - nu,an. superintendents of delivery, amistant “'”°1°‘.;‘f“°°“" $$3 ?““”"“wtU“ ““"‘*‘i‘Q.Z’2"'°“p.m..‘“·°L.."¥i’.,‘I.°r?.? °{d€" assis su o assis su o s a- tions, hoo , chief stamp clerks, clerks, finance clerks, foremen of crews, stenographers, superintendents of carners, supermtendents of seeond—class matter, and superintendents of stations,.seventeen tlmmand four hundred and forty-seven, at not exceeding $1,200 each; assun _ Amxstant superintendents of stations, clerks, stenographers, supermtendents of earners, supeuntendents of matter, and · sgpenntengigtgoof stations,sixtl.nusandthreehund1¤ed, stunt ¤¤·°°°~ . Assistant superintendentsofstations,clerks,olerksi1nchugeof stations`stencgra}»he¤_ of carriers and¤upam' -

 U;-sllasdmatter, two thonsandfive hundred, at not

· uceeding e · ~ - noo. fme1·§`1;$ks·t1r:1¢;1;s:;gs ¤1sr..uo¤s,m.1 stenographerytwo thousand Aww Clerks and ’clsrks in of stations, five thousand four hundred 1’]gmg_d_ mb and sixty, at not exceeding $800 each: Promded, That after June mss, .p.»o.¤¤.s¤ thxrtae , nmetoen hundred and thirteen, the first grade for clerks and

  • °,':g;§f",f~,,,,,_ earners shall be abolmhed and that appointments shall be made to

the second gradaiaf salary $800; and that clerks and carriers at first- ··~·~···-~ $s;,°2rmm*— ‘·:2ms°ls‘““¢:**“sr*0 :3:6 mh sr*,.·..,,,..···<* seeon o ees —¤ Mmm sivelisto the fourth grade. promo Seem lid ‘€J§°v€32?1§'Es“§?0§r“3%l£’3$?£$?.3“r§ E’Z‘£‘§¥ $3;. rs. vided {or. . 0 0 clsrksm t-class to the fromth fifthtoth sixth 6 • £?L?‘2r£’c'ZS“$&“t%§;J$`fE§'fr"Zrgh““3 °‘-“€n’l°"‘“ §¤:£°::£ ·»"""" “"“"“~ $2; wasészrm&°s0m°·**w%‘*`?¤"‘·d°`*·*i’·°£`i*(f?'*>¤ twenty-sigh' t, si :000'eseh; in &llF:c44:6(l0. at “’000 mh; mi w·¤s¤·¤.¤¤»¤- or compensation to wstehmen, messengers and laborers two "°"·"‘* hundred and iift , at $840 ssh- th d' ’ cnmn mm Hfliy, at $720 4;.5%; in dl, sglzofqgg? °““¤ three hundred and chu $1 OT;) ézgrompensatron to clerks ID charge of contract stations, Substitutes mr em- is ’ ’ - . 1 os so. or comfensatmn tosubstitutes f r 1 ks d ] p;:0n;;la;_ and secon class post offices on vaca‘l.ioi=1FI022.;n000?mp Oyws at amt hawk For temporary and auxiliary clerk hire at fixst and second class m:;%;§3st‘$?g£2;*;¥ &)‘2,°032)"‘““” me his ·= ~··¤···=·=¤ md Zpxmzml For separating mails alt third and fourth class post offices 8675 000 mestsssm §°' “¤¤¤“*‘-1 °°¤dm¤¤s st fmt offices, $100,000. ’ ’ ' ,,,,,,,,0, dui¢:;l¤H0VK¤H0eS$1t¢,:_ third-cass post offices to cover the cost of Servlces, , 25,000: Provided, That no allowance in excess