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SIXTY-SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. III. C¤s.143,144. 1913. SO] $500,000 made the Post Office Appropriation Act, approved August Balances rmmpm. twenty-fourth, nmeteen hundred and twelve, for the 1m rovement of LL¥._°""“" °°“““' highways, is hereby continued as to any unexpended bafance thereof, Aw. p. nn. su iect to the con itions of the original appropriation. For travel and miscellaneous expenses in the postal service, omce T’•'°*· •*°· of the Fourth Assistant Postmaster General, $1,000. _ That if the revenues of the Post Office Department shall be insuHi~ Awwvgfggglw cient to meet the appropriations made by this Act, a sum equal to such xg; ° deficiency of the revenue of said department is hereby appropriated, t0·b£)X81d out of any money in the Treasury not otherwise a ro- Bna , to supply said deficiencies in the revenues for the Post Blflice epartment for the year ending June thirtieth, nineteen hundred and fourteen, and the sum needed may be advanced to the Post Office Department upon requisition of the Postmaster General Approved, March‘4, 1913. CHAP. 1 .- Actlhkin a ro tiom for the construction, re ir, and Invention. prmrvationlaicertalin public woxgke EE riirrgs and harbors, and for other [H· ¤·*m°·l Public. No. 429. Be it enacted by Senate and H¢ms£é>fReprese1•.ta¢‘ivcs of the United l' 1 States o{ America m Congress assernb , That the following sums of “g*':;_h•;:mMM money e, and are hereby, appropriated, to be upaid out any money in the Treasury not otherwise appropnat , to be immediately available, and to be expended un er the direction of the Secretary of War and the supervision of the Chief of _Engmeers, for the conitgiictipfn, compgeltion, repair, and preservation of the public works ein ter nam : Im revmg' Bass Harbor Bar, Maine: Com leting improvement in g•·¤¤ ¤¤*·¤* ¤¤· accordance with the report submitted in §quse Document Num- I bered Eleven hundred and twenty-eight, Sixty-second Congress, lm rovm}, $D0’000lsl d Th hf M Co I tin im Mr ¤•*•¤¤ '|'¤¤¤· cer an orou are, ame: m e · provelnient m accordance with the rgport submitted in I-liouse l)ocu- °"M°'°` “°` ment Numbered Eleven hundred and twenty-eight, Sixty-eecond Congress, third sessnon, $40,000. _ _ _ _ Improving Carvers Harbor, Vmalhaven, Manne: Q0l;lfl8 · V'¤•"**'°¤ *•- provement in accordance with the report submitted m ouse - ment Numbered Sur hundred and twenty-four, Sixty-second Congress, second session, $16,000. _ _ _ Improving Pepperells Cove, Maine: Completing improvement, “{°W°’°“' °°'•· $63,400. _ _ _ _ Improving harbor at Portland, Meme: Continuing improvement, *~>**'•¤¤· “°· 1 fm • • • • Y0! Q. S 5Ig;pi-oving Kennebec River, Meme: Completing improvement of ‘°‘“‘°"°°m ·“ channel west of Swan Island, in accordance with the report submitted in House Document Numbered Seven hundred and forty-six, Sixty- . second Congress, second sessmn, $@0,500. _ mdomlk m Improving Medomak River, Manne, in accordance with the report N Nrsubmntted in House Document Numbered _S1x hundred and_seventy- four, Sixty-second Congress, second sessmn: Completing unprovement, 17,000. , , . . . Impfoving Saint Croix River, Meme: Contmuing improvement, “Eji¤* Unix Rim- $7%gg2?1ing hgbtglr 4;; §6g·lington, Vermont: For maintenance and °“"“°'“"‘·v" ° 0 reakwg ’ . · . tégxlpmving Narrgwsoéng Lake Champlam, New York and Vermont: ,,}§f‘§_,,,,$‘{_"""""'— main ce, 6, . _ Fofmpmvienrgmhuwr at Boston, Massachusetts: For mamtenance, '°'°°“· ““‘· $25,000.