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804 SIXTY-SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. IH. Ch. 144. 1913. NE? www 0***- Improving East Chester Creek, New York: Continuing improve- ' nt, 20,000. FM R¤v¤·•¤¤ ¤•¤ mditemhving obstructions in East River and Hell Gate, New York: °°°°’ N'Y‘ Continuing im rovement including work at the Middle Ground and in the channel) between North Brother and South Brother Islands, 250,000. , _ ; _ ¤¤n¤¤1uv¤.N·Y· S Improving Hariem River, New York: Contmuing improvement Numan- $100,000; for improvement in accordance with the pr§ject numbered three in the re rt submitted in House Document umbered Five hundred and , Sixty-second Con$lss, second session, P~·*•·- $5,000: Provided, tno construction work s be executed by the pig`? °' W °FederalGovernmentbeyondthechannellirnits of the existingpro- °ects until local or other interests shall furnish, free of cost to thellnited States, the necessary land for the right of way required for said project; m au. $105,000. _ H¤¤»¤¤R¤v¤.N-Y- Improving Hudson River, New York: For maintenance, and continuing improvement in accordance with the arsport submitted in House Document l;I1Umb6IB(l$i?>0V0D0(]?0DD;l)l'6d Triipepleilen, Sixznwau. Erotco ss, secon session, ,000 2 ro•nQ theexpen `— °°”'”"°”‘ ture oilgge amounts herein and hereafter appropriated for said improvement shall be subject to the conditions set forth in said

  • _¤~•¤·¤ ¤¤ ¤·¤· document: PNVi|10(1_f|lfi'IG‘, That wml plan for the improvement presented in said document be subject to such modiicationasto thelocationof thedamandhimattersofdetailasmaybe

h recom}n$p_ded2yd the (Xgief of approzxdybyg tp.; Secre- GGNIQ lllt Ot- 0 al-; ’ 8 ° ay um -°°‘ gizrlipto a contract or contgctti fosiipfich maézerailsbaand :<;rk ah ma necessary to prosecu e rojec , ai or as apgropriations may from time to time be nilade by law, nel: to exceed in the aggregate $500,000, exclusive of the amounts herein and heretofore appropriated. Y:¥§£h•¤¤¤¤¤.N·· Improving Hudson River Channel of New York Harbor, New °°" York in accordance with thouaport submitted in House Document Numbered Seven hundred _ ninetee1awSixty-second Congress, P~•¤••· second session, $200,000: Provided, That Secretary of War may °°"°"°° enter into a contract or contracts for such materials and work as may be necessary to prosecute said mnt, to be paid for as appropriatiom may from time to time be e by law, not to exceed m the ` te $250 000, exclusive of the amount herein appropriated. uvpwcm ¤••k. Newtown Creek New York: For maintenance, $30,000. Wapptnow cms, Improving Wappéplger Creek, New York: For maintenance, 83,500. !',§’é_,m,m cmp III;P;'(;TI%W$ ester Creek, New York: Completing improvel¢.Y. man I 2; , ¤¤¤¤¤=¤•¤¤¤¤¤¤¤· Im roving Staten Island Sound, New York and New Juse , in NA" “° N' L accordance with the report submitted in House Document Numliered Eleven hundred and twenty-four, Sixty-second Congress, third session,

  • '“*" K”'·”°°· $500,000; for maintenance of improvement of Arthur Kill and the

waters connec¤n%hI;aritan Bay with New York Harbor, including channel north of oters Island, $30,000; in all, $530,000. t e§,iU.°" Hub"' R§mP*`°§1¤§l *'t lggrbctzf, Matawan Crrlkg Raritan and South eas, o r ton Creek, (Ehooooq Cmd; K I Neg; Jersey: lgmr Iuka ¤•v· · · proving aritan ay, ew erse : For maintensnoo _ ibeecon Impmving Absocon Creek. New J€I'$);Y¥ Fo? mBi¤l’»6118.¤0h ‘§lu§£g. mums;. Improving] Absecon Inlet, New Jersey, by dredging, to keep an MM open charm until the completion of the dredge heretofore authorremotes-mueon. m $45,000: P , That no art of the apppopyjotiop ho,-Bin e shall_be av ble for until the Secretary of War shall be satisfied that local interests have mode provision for fm-nigh, mg the sum of $50,000 for said improvement and have placed the