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806 SIXTY-SECOND CONGRESS. &¤. HI. Ch. 144. 1913. board of engineer officers in a report dated November twenty-third, ,, pt ro ’ ono ennsy y _ recom o-

  • ·····*·•’·“*°i°1i°.i°°°w¤gh°°M °:g.t$¤1> lvania,bthe tm

i¤¤*•*“*°•¤“°~° tion di Lock and Dam Numbered,Six, in accordance with the report submitted in Honyilggcument Numbered Tgehge léoundred and seventeen, Sixt -seco session, 17 . ‘¤¤¤*¤¢¤¤·¤•¤· Improving gggbgfoat wllmington, Delaware: Ilir restoration and maintenance, , . ` ··g,,,··¤·*··*···*··*· Im · ¤m¤¤mr,· · · Mmmm, me Mispillion name, “°`° M Delawrrez megongiiliquiig improvginent ang fg; in accordance with exis a · `ec . , · ¤,g'f°‘°°'°°°' N"' Improving Broiddg (gg: Delaware: For maintenance, $2 000.

,2_""'“m “'"' Broadkill River Delaware
For maintenance, $5,000.

Ul*•‘° “'•*· °•‘~ Improving Ieipsic Rive Delaware: For maintenance, $5,000. ¤¤*·R*'•*·’•'· Improving Little River Delaware: For maintenance, $1,000. D;,'f"" ’°"' °"" Improving Saint Jones’Biver Delaware: For maintenance, $5,000. b'&•¤;‘§¥b§::;; Improving inland waterway between Rehoboth Bal and Delaware am. Bay, Delaware: Contin emmt in ce with the reports submitted House ent Numbered hundred and twen&~th1-ee, Sixtneth C¤n§e¤, Erst session, and in was and Harbors mmittee Document umbered Fifty-one, Sixty-first Congress, ·-~» -··-· “‘¥.i“°“""‘ .£i..,"·§"·@r.. R- De. ’ur.§,»¤v F - · Ian rver, ware : or mam- °°"°““' tenanldreoof improvement of Nanticoke River and orthwst Fork of Nantieoke River (Musl§o_pe Creek), land, $3,000. _ _ '•'“'“°"·"‘· Im roving harbor at tnmore, ,Wltd1$Vl€WtQWld8¤§ the channel of approach at York Spitglhesaggtlpe Bay, m acco ance with the report submitted in ouse ument _Numbered Eleven hundred and ninety, Sixty-second Congrem, third session, completing improvement $305,250. _ caapure nu. Improving harbors at ltockhall Queenstown, Claiborne, and Cam- °'°;s;}$. sam sn- bridge, and Cheeter,_Choptank, Warwick, _Wicomico Pocomoke, La ¤¤¤.¤¤ Trappe, and Manokm Rivers, and Tyaskin Creek, llaryland: Continu improvement and for maintenance, $33,510, of which amount so nihdgh as shall be necessary may, in the_ discretion of the Secretary of War be allotted for completing the improvement of harbor at Rockhall and of Wicomico River at Salisbury in accordance with the existing approved projects. ,g,¤•¤¤•¤•¤¤•¤*'•*· Im rovm&;Susquehanna River above and below Havre de Grace, aimuenee Marygnd: mpleting improvement, $51,230. Dfgf•°°•"• “'°'· Improving Anacostia River, District of Columbia: Continuing impriv°m°°i’ $71i’0eg0' 1r F 1 P¤•¤¤¤¤¤v¤.¤>-¤· m roving o mac 1ver:, or maintenance o im movement at mu"' Washington, District of Columbia, $30,000; for maxintenance of I v improvement it Lower P0in%_Marylan&>$3,000; in all, $33,000, ¤ mvmg' r at o 1rgm1a' : ntm ° im rovement of ergnnels to orfolk and at '(ilhimble Shoals, with iuiigew ui) obtaining a depth of thirty-five feet of water from the navy yard to the sea, $165,500; for mamtenance of improvement of Norfolk Harbor and the aproaches thereto, including at Hm Point and in the tem, Southern, and Western branches of beth River, and of channd te Neaport News, $30,000, rn all, $195,500: _ _ =='!$¤•_§:i$hIE•¤·_Ef•· _ Irnproving estern Branch of Elizabeth River, Vugrms; com og. mg improvement m accordance with the report submitted in use Document Numbered Five hundred and sixty-six, Sixty-second Conan- V grain: second_sIeesion,g82,000. ·*•¤•• ·•· roving ameeiver,V"':Con" ‘ I m I an f°xi;Eint@A!§‘% $75,000. uglml tl-Dulllg improvement and ¤.‘ v£°" ‘ ’ . ?°”¤8 §*•P<>¤i md Pemunke Rivers md ocmq Virginia: For maintenance, $15,000. y um out