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810 SIXTY-SECOND CONGRESS Suse. III. Ch. 144. 1913. complying vgith the terms of its contract heretofore entered into with th t tee. ~ ‘ ..€:‘“° ’°•·**‘·· “°*· impmang Saint Josephs Ba ,.Florida: rm- manmmee, $10,000. ,,¤;*¤* *·¤°*•"“°*· Improving Saint Lucie Init, in aeeordancewith the smaller project recommended b{qthe of Engineers in the report submitted m House Document umbered Six hundred and seventy- five, Sixty-second Congress, second session, $100,000. _ ,.,Q*”‘· *’•°¤”"“'¤’· sllmoproving harbor at Saint Petersburg, Florida: For- maintenance, 5 . . ¤•¤•°*• ’·¥·"*- Improving Sarasota Bay, Florida: Completing improvement and for maintenance, $13 000. T*¤P• ’*¥·*"*· Improving Tam iB , Fhrida: F mainten , $9,000. ,.,{_""°“°°**“'“· ¢l'.\&'l¥l?0l gum Apalaehiliola Riverfntag Saint Andrews Bag;. rrda: Compbtmsfzmpmvement, $130,000. _ _ ‘“*'“""°'·"°· lproving Apalaclnco Rxver, Flonda: Contnming rmprovement and or maintenance, including the out-off, Lee Slough, lower Chipola . River, upper Chnpola River from Marianna te its mouth, $7-,000. m'§;g°,'{:_*’*•'°"°° River, Florida: For maintenance, °¤'•¤l¤*¢·'*•- Crystal River, Florida: For maintenance, $2,000. ¤°l¤•¤**¤·"'¤ Impr¤vu$ Holmes Rxver, Florida: For maintenance of improvement from ernon to the mont:} $2,500.

  • ¤*“•¤'“'?*· "* Igdiiangitver, impro$·;mentbetween

_ a _ an up: Inht; ,000. °•"*·*°°*°·°"**"i·"`° S i"2"§°0r““*"RI*‘*° £'°‘°“0‘ 2“"e.r,”% am aver : ‘ improve- .mentinaeeordaucewithtl1e rt, bmitted' ouse t Numbered Thirteen hundredmalritd tzruenty, Six}?-second Congress, ,Q’§§‘$,,,,,_ third seesnon, $25 000: That no part o the money herein n appgspnated shall be expended or the purchase of the right of way. """‘°:"'°’;l_‘· proving Manatee lliver Florida: or maintenance, $5,000.

 Improving   River Florida: For maintenance, $1,000.

m vu. [mproving Saint Johns kwer, Florida: Continuing improvement ¤¤•¤¤¤¤¤¤¤· and or maintenance from Jacksonville to the ocean $550,000; eempleting improvement and_ for mamtenance from jacksonville {Lk aéatka, Q Sxgprovement from Palatka to 0 ¤r¤¤y v i y • i m{,'_§“;}:°°°°"'° Improving iWithlac0ochee River, Florida: Formaintenance $5 000, mg;¤g;{;·;;_·;¤·l¤p• mslirgproving Rivgr, Fggprnda arlnd Alphbamaz For he te¤ance_ 0 _ emen me u 9, . g¤E°£i$’g»iT,°Ffie°°m¤ lmproving Eecambaa and é0DOCl1ll\¥lV01S:'§0fl'l’ll: iiiid Xlfbxz §T“°""" Fofmuparbnving M°:bil·g,b•2r0· Alabama: For maintenance, $20,000. K·*"°'· harbor at Mobile, Alabama: Completing improvement and or mamtenance, $255,000, of which amount $5,000 may be used I b t m the removal of sunken logs, deadheads, and other obstructions. me"; ;,{•· • °·· ];mprovn;_gAlabama]lxver, Alabama: Continuing im rovement and gznmqzztgneg ?_cl th¢;1A).I0a(;b(a;»·r11a and Coosa lgivers between _ an e p , , , m§;*;fA§'__•”*°'·°‘°· Improving Black_Warrior,’ Warrior, and Tombigbee Rivers, Ala- £“§§“ii¤i°§...,“”'°°§2fr“i‘l’§°¥¤°“»??.i.‘{.’“éhM£»$1° ‘°0.S““;".,..°”,.S"‘°“’° °“ _ _ o o Blaclg Warner Brver by the construction of loglrls arid dams tinBcl)dk' of the sixty-three-foot dam at Lock Numbered Seventeen, a¤tho|% 3ly°dA.:tmpf Cong1·§’;3;gp5r3ged August twenty-eecond, nineteen hun- $$**,22 m"'· Tombigbee Riva, Alabama and Mis' '· For main-

 of érngoveggent frgsm Atl; mouth to Demopolis, Alabama,

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