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SIXTY-SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. IH. Ch.144. 1913. 813 letting the contract for the construction of each dredgmg' lant or beginning the of its construction, said navigation district shall place to_the credit and subject to the order of the of War ‘ m a United States depository to be designated by him, e sum oi $50,000, and satisfy that the remainder of one-half of the gsttigf said be deposited m like manner from time e as c or y . ’ _ Improving Port Aransas, Texas: For maintenance, and continuing P°"A"""'·T" improvement m accordance with the report submitted in House Dooument Numbered Eleven hundred and twenty-five, Sixty-second Congress, thlirod session, $600,003, of wine.}; $100,000, or so nguchthtlgereof , as ma necessary, may expend as art ayment or constructhm of a dredge to yxilace the Uniteil Ststes dredge "General ,,&{¤°¤aa¤¤y•a C. B. Comstock/' destro b_y fire:-Provided, That no work shall be {,*3*;;;- mma is 02 *2:..* *·..·**...i°i..*·*° tm·°°:i€m’:i;*:.*·¤ *2:: #.:°..·*:i*.°:...°‘ g Mm ‘ w ve- oo m e ro no o us Island until satisfactory assurances shall have been received by the Secretary of War that a public place at that point will be mamtained wh1ch_shall be open to upon equal terms: Provided T 5 cmuom jigrtlter, That the title or easements in any land needed in connection ' with the extension of the dike to be constructed as a {part of this improvement shall be vested in the United States free o cost: And promded further, That so much of the shoal waters the saon wom-ras. mainland on the one side and Harbor Island and the of islands °'“"""""‘""""‘· northward thereof on the other side, and northeasterly of the artiiicial channel extending from Port Aransas through Harbor Island to the town of Aransas Pass, are hereby exempted from the operation of the laws relatiniatgnnavigable waterways o the United States. S Improving c el to Port Bolivar, Texas: For maintenance, P<>¤¤¤¤v¤·'¤¤ 50,000. Im rovmg' Sabine Pass, Texas: Continuing im rovement and for ,§,{"}‘},‘{,,§’,"c,' ,,‘,",‘ mainieuaooe of Sabine Pass and Port Arthur Cgnal in accordance '1‘•—¤· with the re rt submitted in House Document Numbered Seven hundred andPgevcnty-three, Sixttg-first Congress, second session, and subject to the conditions set fo in said document, $400,000. mm Improving West Galveston Bag Channel, Trimt River, Ana- c,:f,‘§,‘§'S,.,__ ·;~,:" huac Channel, Oyster Creek, and edar, Chocolate, 'lzxrtle, Bastrop, Dickinson, Dep? e, and East B;y5B)%ous, Texas: Continuing nmrovement an or maintenance, , . r P Im roving Brazos River, Texas: Continuiig improvement from B';,‘,‘2;..§'.§· m' Old Vgashington to Waco by the construction o ocks and dams heretofore authorized, $250,000; continuingvimprovement and for mamgenance by 3p•:rcg?)n6el work from elasco to Old Washmgton, 25,000; in , 27 , . _ Improving mouth of Brazos River, Texas: For maintenance, A' "“"‘°‘ $125,000, of which $100,000, or so much thereof as may be necessary, may be used asdpart payment for the construction of a dredge to tgt; Uni States dredge "General C. B. Comstock, destro . Improving Trinity River, Texas: Continuing improvement with a L*,“{,",,,¥Y°.f,5,_'.{°" view to obtaining a d th of six feet between the mouth and Dallas by the construction ZY locks and dams heretofore authorized and locating two additional locks and dams, $255,000; continuing unp1xio\;eme15t)Oand for maintenance by open-channel work $15,000; m , 270, . _ , Im roving channel from Aransas Pass to Corpus Christi, T¢¤¤§¤ »=·.°l»°f•i°<ii$ip¤¤li=&." Complleting im rovement and for maintenance, $10,000. Tghum Pm cg Improving channel from Pass Cavallo to Port Lavaca, Team: For vnllo is pda uma. maintenance, $5,000.