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SIXTY-SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. III. Ch. 144. 1913. 815 of nine feet, $1,800,000: Provided, That the Secretary of War ma *'~•‘•·•· ‘ enter mto a contract or contracts for_such materials and work ag n¤(;i.°m°t° °°m°" may be_necessary to prosecute the sand progect, to be paid for as appropriations may from time to time be e by law, not to exceed in the agregate $3,200,000, egclusive of the amounts herein and h¤¤¤¢<>f<>;¤_ ¤ppr<>p¤¤¢e»d= Pyomgkd further, That the balances or ,0g·¤·¤¤·· ·v·¤·¤¤· appropriations and authorizations heretofore made for the con- v€i.°i°i.`i»Pi.-ii°°f struction of mdividual locks and dams are hereby made available for work in connection with the general pro°ect adopted by the river and harbor approved June twenty-iigth, nineteen hundred and ten, for canalization of the Ohio River with a view to sec ' a navigable depth of mne feet m accordance with thereport submiqiit-reid in House Document Numbered Four, hundred and ninety-two, Sixtieth Congress, first session; Improving Ohio River: Continuing improvement and for main- °’“"°""“"“"°'*· tenance by om-channel work, $550,000. ` _ Improving bor at Arcadia, Michigan: For maintenance, includ- ’“""“‘·’“°"· mgglepairo the north pier, $20,000. ` tp1;g116•g0 harbor at Cheboygan, Michigan: Completing improve- °"°°°"""·‘“°"· men , . · $3I(%groving harbor at Frankfort, Michigan: For maintenance, !'¤¤¤¤¤·¥i<=¤- $2(H&(i;or of Refuge at Grand Marais, Michigan: For maintenance, ¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤·1¤¤1¤· ssléggroving harbor at Ludington, Michigan: For maintenance, 1Mi¤•¤¤.1¤¤=h-` Improving harbor at Manistee, Michigan: Completing improve- ¥•·¤i•¤¢¤»1¤<=h· ment and for maintenance, $312,000. 8 ggrobor of Refuge Marquette Bay, Michigan: For maintenance, m’Q,Q'°“"'° "’• 5 . S Improving harbor at Ontonagon, Michigan: For maintenance, °"'°“•*°°·’“°”· 9 000. Improving Saint Joseph Harbor and River, Michigan: For main- “‘*“‘·'°"P"·‘”°'* tenance, $6,000. S k d Improving harbor at Saugatuck, and Kalamazoo River, Michigan: xnL°§°Z‘¤§°°gi$:,_ For maintenance, $3,000. *1;**- th Improving harbor at South Haven, Michigan: For maintenance, “ °"°°""°"· $3,000. Improvin Detroit River, Michigan: Continuing improvement of b°°"°“m'°"m°°‘ the c annelg between Fighting Island and the cigy o Wyandotte, Michigan, in accordance with the report submitte in House Docu- 1;18Hb0fi§.0Umb6fod Seventeen, Sixty-second Congress, first session, 155, . “B . Improving Rouge River, Michigan: For maintenance, $5,000. mmmnggxili Improving Clinton River, Michigan: For maintenance, $10,000. sum., il"' Improving Saginaw River, Michigan up to the mouth of the Titta- mea ' bawassee River, in accordance wit the report submitted m House vo, 86, M Document Numbered Seven hundred and forty, Sixty-first Congress, " second session, additional to the sums aplpropriated and authorized to be appropriated therefor in the river an harbor appropriation Act approv June twenty-fifth, nineteen hundred and ten, $100,000. _ sm, mg, R,,,,,._ mproving Saint Marys River at the falls, Michigan: Continuing I k improvement by the construction of a fourth lock, in accordance with " °° ` the report submitted in House Document Numbered Sixty-four, Sixty-second Congress, first session, $500,000. ,,,,,,),,1,,,,,, Hmm Improving Menominee Harbor and River, Michigan and Wisconsin: aid River. Mich. and For maintenance, $24,000, of which amount not exceeding two- ‘ thirds may be expended for the im(provement of that portion of said river above and to the westward of gden Street Brid ¤e, in accordance with the report submitted in House Document Numbered Four hundred and nineteen, I-`ifty-sixth Congressriirst session.