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SIXTY -SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. III. Ch. 144. 1913. 819 $1;;% {gage been transferred to the United States free of cost; in all, Ini rovmg' Suisun Channel, California: Com letin im rovement S,.,“",,,.,"“,,°"‘““°*·°°'· and Ear maintenance, $14,§00: Provided, Thatpthe project Meaméa protect. ma be modified if m the discretion of the Secretary of War, the same shab seem desirable and such modified project can be completed for thrimsame or legs cast. B ro ar r at Coos ay, Oregon: For maintenance of the °¤¤•¤•r.0¤:. com£l)e els in Coos Buzz and eq1.1?pir1g]:nd operating the bar e_heretofore_authorized, 0,000. d Secretzzgof War is b %;¤I;f ¤¤¤¤¤ •¤¤¤-r- authorized directed to use any additional moneys t may be pi°eve¤Llf.'°'°°”I“` placed at his lpjygthe Port of Coos Bay, or may other organ- 1zation or by in vidu for the improvement of inner harbor of Coos Bay, and the said Secretary is also authorized, in his discretion, to useiany Government plant available in connection therewith at such times as it may not be needed and employed on other work authorized by Congress. _ U _ _ V Improvr$ Nehalem Bay, Oregon; Continuing improvement, ¤·¤·¤¤¤¤ ¤·r-0¤¤c- $100,000: romded, That no part 0 this amount s all be ended until the conditions relative to cooperation on the part of low inter- mane:. °°°°°°°°° esta, prescribed by the river and harbor Act a proved July twenty- "‘“‘·"·m Efth, nineteen hundred and twelve, shall have been complied with. Improving Tillamook Bay and Bar, Oregon, in accordance with the B}`,“{g:g>* ¤·v¤¤¤ report submitted m House Document Numbered Three hundred and ’ - fortg;nine, Sixty-second Contgress, second session, and subject to the con 'tions set forth in said ocument, $100,000: Pmvided, That the Secretary of War may enter into a contract or contracts for such materials and work as may be necessary to corglplete the said project, not exceeding in the aggregate $614,000, ex usive of the amount herein and heretofore appropriated, to be plaid for, to an amount not exceeding)$207 ,000, from appropriations w 'ch may from time to time , be made y law, and to a further amount not exceeding $407,000 from ,¤;‘e’}_’;‘g•‘ "°"° ‘°°** funds to be furnished by local interests; the total expenditure from ` fimds of the United States and from those of local interests to be equal in amount: Prmnlledjurther, That no part of the arépropriations herein deN¤=i:vr%•g¤¤_ Wu and heretofore made shall be availab e for expen iture and no con- m‘§‘I?,_°' ’ °"“ "' tract shall be entered into under the foregoing authorization until the Secretary of War shall be satisfied that said local interests have made provisions for furnishing the whole of said sum of $40?,000 and have placed the iamgutio his credit and subject to his order in a bank to be es` ate ° . I1§1IprovingyCoquille River, Oregon: For maintenance, $0,000. °f"*"m° '“'°'·°'°‘· Improving Siuslaw River, Or$on: For maintenance, $5 000. _ s““"" *“'°'· °'°$ Improving Willamette and amhill Rivers, Or$on: For mam- ,Yf,},},§§}‘}',,$Q§; 0:;; tenance of improvement of Yamhill River and of illamette River above Oregon City, $40,000, of which amount an amount not exceed- d£;<é¤;:•;;¤= ¤¢~¤ ining $10,000 magrbe expended in construction of a revetment near P ' Independence, on, m accordance with the report submitted in House Documenteglumbered Thirteen, Sixty-second Congress, iirst session, if in the judgment of the Chief of Engineers the same is necessary in the interests of na 'vation; comp eting improvement_of C,{’$_'““¤‘* "’ 0**6 ‘¤ Willamette River from Portlaiiili to Oregon City in accordance with the report submitted in House Document Numbered Four hundred ahid thirty-eight, Sixty-second Congress, second session, $12,000; in a , $52,000. _ _ _ _ p Improving Ya uina. River, Oregon: Completing unprovement in `**‘¤“*"·*’*"="-°·*¤~ accordance with ilie report submitted in House Document Numbered Five hundred and nineteen, Sixty-second Congress, second session, and subject to the conditions set forth in said ocument, $*28,800. Improving Columbia and Lower Willamette Rivers below Portland, ,uf;;g;;‘_;*,‘;_i,*;y;{"' w=*· Oregon: Continuing improvement and for maintenance, $160,000. Below ronuna.